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Anthony William - The Medical Medium

This may be the most important hidden cancer cure of them all - maybe you can forget all the others listed on this site.

The source of this information

When Anthony William was 4 years old he heard a divine voice, not internal or mental, but as you would hear anyone speak. The spirit had Anthony diagnose his Grandmother with lung cancer which was later confirmed. The spirit told Anthony of the health problems of everyone he saw, the cause and cure.

Here is the theory provided by the spirit: 98 percent of all cancers are caused by the epstein-barr virus, as well as many other health problems including mysterious weight gain, hair loss, fatigue, brain fog, hot flashes, dry skin, restless leg syndrome, insomnia, impaired memory, depression, menopause symptoms, anxiety, and dizziness, and others. Numerous other viruses and varieties cause other diseases. Some foods feed viruses, while other foods are anti-viral. It is thus important to know which is which.

The epstein-barr virus became a problem in the 1890s when antibiotics caused it to mutate. And, in the 1900s the virus started to feed on heavy metals which were everywhere in the environment.

The Medical Medium tells us what foods to avoid: Fruits, vegetables, herbs and spices, and wild foods do not feed pathogens. If you have a condition, you have to bring more of these in.

Of special note: Wild blue berries (must be wild, found in the freezer section, not the clamshell variety) are the most powerful food on planet Earth. It is adaptogenic, removes heavy metals from the brain, reverses Alzheimers, it is a powerful anti-inflammatory, feeds good bacteria in the gut, and kills off bad bacteria. Eat 1 cup a day.

Foods that feed viruses include:

Eggs. Once the perfect food, since about 1900 the viruses started to feed off of eggs. If you have home-grown eggs and you have no health condition, you can eat eggs, but if you have some condition, get off the eggs until your condition passes and you are in the clear.

Dairy. If you have any kind of condition, do not consume dairy products including butter, cheese, kefir, yogurt or ghee. Even the purest dairy feeds all the bugs (including tumors, cysts, and pathogens). If you are dealing with any of the different labels (chronic illness), get off the dairy until your condition passes.

Wheat was once a staple of survival, but since 1950 human tinkering has made wheat a highly inflammatory food because it feeds pathogens in the body. If you have a condition, you have to avoid wheat until your condition improves; then monitor how you feel as you add it back. Grains with gluten such as wheat, rye, and barley also should be avoided since gluten feeds viruses.

Pork, even home farm raised. If you have eczema or psoriasis (which are liver conditions), or any other condition, stay off the pork until the condition clears.

Others to avoid: Canola oil; MSG (monosodium glutamate, aka caarageenan and other names, also found in whey protein powder; builds up in the brain, causes neurological meltdown); farmed fish (contains antibiotics); corn (hard to avoid GMO contamination).

Any food that contains the word "natural" can consist of any number of unknown chemicals, including MSG.

Sugar in fruit is good; honey is good. Refined sugars bad.

The above is just a partial summary. The Medical Medium provides lists of what foods to take for specific illnesses, and what to avoid.

The "unforgiving four" are viruses, heavy metals, nuclear radiation, and DDT. They can all be removed with the proper foods. Food is our medicine.

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Get his later book Life-Changing Foods, which matches the foods up to your particular illness.


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