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There are over 50 Chemotherapy Drugs available, many listed below. Alternative Medicine offers natural gentle herbal remedies free of side effects, which may be a better first choice than chemotherapy. Every disease has an herbal cure provided by Nature to restore balance. Herbal cures include essiac, ellagic acid, and graviola, and electromedicine cures include Rife, Beck, and Lakhovsky.


Different drugs are used alone or in combination with other drugs, depending on the type of cancer and its stage of advancement. Drugs have side effects.

Modern Medicine does not explain what causes cancer or how to prevent it. To effect a real cure and to prevent a recurrence, you need to know what caused your cancer.

Professor Vincent of France charted the human biological terrain in the 1920s, and correlated terrain with the onset of cancer. A healthy terrain cannot get cancer, and a debased terrain cannot avoid it. Terrain is mainly due to diet. To avoid cancer, monitor your urine using pH test paper, and regulate it with an alkaline diet. Its as easy as that.

Biological Terrain Chart

Chemotherapy Drugs
Epirubicin Mitozantrone
Adriamycin Etoposide
Asparaginase Fludarabine Procarbazine
Bleomycin Fluorouracil Steroids
Busulphan Gemcitabine Streptozocin
Carboplatin Hydroxyurea Taxol
Carmustine Idarubicin Taxotere
Chlorambucil Ifosfamide Thioguanin
Cisplatin Irinotecan Thiotepa
Cyclophosphamide Lomustine Tomudex
Cytarabine Melphalan Topotecan
Dacarbazine Mercaptopurine Treosulfan
Daunorubicin Methotrexate Vinblastine
Doxorubicin Mitomycin Vincristine



Rather than watch for symptoms, it would more profitable to learn the cause of cancer and the method of prevention; see the links below.

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