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90% of Bone Tumors are due to spreading (metastases) from other areas of the body. Symptoms are below. This website promotes gentle natural alternatives to the cut, poison, and burn approach of surgery, chemotherapy, and radiation. Alternative Medicine offers herbal cures such as ellagic acid, essiac, and graviola, and electromedicine offers therapies from Rife, Beck, and Lakhovsky. Cancer occurs when symbiotic organisms turn parasitic due to an over-acid diet; prevent cancer with an alkaline pH diet.


Bone tumors occur mostly in children and young people between the ages of 10 and 25. Cancer that starts in the bone is rare; more common is cancer that starts elsewhere and spreads (metastases) to the bones.

These symptoms can be due to illnesses other than cancer. Reported symptoms of bone cancer include:

• Persistent pain, swelling, or tenderness of a bone; pain is the main symptom

• An unexplained fracture of one or more bones, sometimes without noticeable trauma

• Tiredness

• Fever

• Weight loss

• Anemia

Today's medicine does not know the cause of cancer or how to prevent it, but tries to detect its early stages. Wouldn't you rather know the cause of cancer and how to prevent it, instead of watch for symptoms? If you have bone cancer, consider for your first step the herbal and electromedicine remedies available; see the links below.

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