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The conventional Causes of Lung Cancer are given below, but a deeper understanding is given by Professor Vincent of France, who charted the human terrain in the 1920s and correlated this with the onset of cancer. A healthy terrain cannot get cancer, while a debased terrain cannot avoid it. Terrain is mainly due to ones diet.


Biological Terrain Chart

Cancer can be prevented by monitoring and maintaining an alkaline diet.

Causes of Lung Cancer
Lung cancer is the leading cause of death from cancer in both men and women, and cigarette smoking is the highest risk factor for lung cancer, causing 85% of all lung cancer cases.

The duration of smoking is also related, with short term smokers having a lower risk. An ex-smoker falls to the same risk level as a non-smoker in about 15 years, as the lungs return to normal.

Less common risk factors include second hand smoke, asbestos, coal tar, pollution inhalation, and radon (a radioactive gas).

Other causes include:
  • uranium
  • diesel exhaust
  • arsenic
  • gasoline
  • vinyl chloride
  • chloromethyl ethers
  • nickel chromates
  • mustard gas
  • coal products
  • marijuana
The best protection against lung cancer is to quit smoking. If you consume more than 20 cigarettes a day, your risk of getting cancer is 30 or 40 times greater than non-smokers.

While these risk factors are statistically true, the ultimate cause of cancer is located in your terrain. You can plant seed, but if the ground is not right, you will get no crop. Smoking is like planting a seed; terrain is like the ground, and terrain is mainly due to your diet. With a proper alkaline diet, you cannot get cancer. See the links below.

You can see pictures of lung cancer.

If you have cancer, Alternative Medicine offers gentle natural cures that may be a better first step than the cut, poison and burn approach of surgery, chemotherapy, and radiation. See the links below.

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