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The Cure for Cancer suggested by this website differs from the cut, poison, and burn approach of surgery, chemotherapy, and radiation. Alternative Medicine teaches that cancer is caused by symbiotic organisms that turn parasitic due to an overly acid diet, and cures can take several approaches: You can remove the parasites (Hulda Clark's approach, who claims cancer is caused by parasites); or strengthen the immune system so that it can fight the parasites (Rife and Lakhovsky electromedicine approach); you can sterilize the blood of parasites (Beck approach). Whatever your approach, you must change to an alkaline diet or your chosen cure may not hold, and you are asking for a recurrence.


The Cure for Cancer includes herbs that have worked for some and may work for you, including essiac, graviola, and ellagic acid. Clinical evidence of their effectiveness is sparce because of government suppression, but the anecdotal evidence is compelling; judge for yourself. See the links to the left.

Medical doctors do not know the cause of cancer or how to prevent it. Prevention is really just early detection by watching for symptoms.

Nor do they know how to cure cancer; the cut, poison, and burn approach of surgery, chemotherapy, and radiation all have an adverse effect on the body, and natural gentle alternatives may be a better first step.

It may be more prudent to understand the cause of cancer and how to prevent it, than to fear it. See the links below.

Protandim has been shown to be effective against skin cancer.


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