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Sota Instruments was the first to manufacture Dr. Bob Beck's electromedicine machine, the blood electrifier. Sota's design was endorsed by Dr. Beck. It is an inexpensive protocol, effective against a large number of diseases including cancer.


Dr. Beck's protocol consists of four prongs:
• Blood electrification.
Based on the work of Dr. Kaali, when you electrify blood, you sterilize it of all foreign entities including parasites, bacteria, and viruses. The units are inexpensive, typically from $150 to $200, and the procedure is easy to do at home. Probes are attached to the body, typically on one wrist or both ankles, and a small current is passed through the probes.
• Colloidal silver
Traditionally, every blood electrifier from any manufacturer includes electronics for making colloidal silver, a natural antibiotic known to be effective against 650 different ailments. If your immune system is compromised, colloidal silver will act as a second immune system until your body has recovered.
• Magnetic pulser
The blood electrifier only sterilizes the blood; to sterilize deeper tissues and lymph, the magnetic pulser induces current into deep parts of the body by means of a collapsing magnetic field.
• Ozonated water
A late addition to the protocol, Dr. Beck added ozonated water to oxidize and destroy pathogens.

The blood electrifier is sometimes called a "plant growth stimulator" in order to get around government suppression of alternative cures. While it is also sometimes referred to as a "bug zapper", that term was coined by Hulda Clark for her electromedicine device which has a similar purpose but works on different principles.

Sota manufactures all the instruments of the Beck protocol, as well as others. You can find them at www.sotainstruments.com.

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