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The Biological Terrain has been charted and found to be a predictor of cancer.


In the 1920s, Professor Vincent of France charted the pH, rH2, and resistance of blood, saliva, and urine of thousands of people. The normal values can be seen in the green triangle of the chart.  From these nine parameters he was able to predict the occurrence of cancer.

Notice the red line labeled Beginnende Krebsleiden (Beginning cancer sorrows); if the blood (the circle at the middle labeled Blut) crossed this line you would have cancer; if the blood crossed a further line labeled Krebs unheilbar (Cancer incurable), the cancer would be irreversible. You can get a fascinating transcript (with charts) of a lecture on Bioelectronic Vincent, here.

Of the nine factors, you can easily measure the pH of your saliva and urine using litmus paper. Just these two factors will provide some indication of your terrain. Indeed, many health maintenance systems are based upon measuring just these two.

In fact, it would seem that just regulating the pH of your urine is sufficient to insure you do not get cancer. For instructions, see measure your terrain.

The following four charts shows how blood and urine pH relate to each other, according to Vincent:

The horizontal axis shows pH; we are not concerned with the vertical axis that shows rH2 because it is difficult to measure at home. As you go from Chart 1 to 4, you can see how the blood becomes more alkaline (moves to the right, in the direction of cancer) while the urine compensates by becoming more acid (moves to the left); the body is dumping out excess acid. Eventually the blood will cross the curved line (beginning of cancer), and finally the straight line (irreversible cancer).

I don't know why Vincent thought that cancer was irreversible at this stage. Perhaps it was irreversible by dietary means alone, or by whatever means was available to Vincent. Judging by the high degree of success of the various methods described on this website with terminally ill cases, it would appear that cancer can be reversed until the patient is dead.

What All These Cures Have in Common

There is a theory that cancer is caused by a microbe, a theory unrecognized by the established medical community. The book Resurrection! The Cause of Cancer Re-Discovered by Donald Wilson gives a quick history of alternative cancer therapy, and you can see an excerpt that presents a brief summary of the medical doctors and scientists who have contributed to this theory over the past 140 years here. These various researchers were able to identify what they referred to as microbes, bacteria, or parasites responsible for the cancer.

Normally, these microbes play a symbiotic role, but when the blood becomes too alkaline, symptoms of parasitism appear, and they begin to multiply and poison the human with their metabolic waste products.

Wilhelm von Brehmer described the process how the microbe begins with the formation of spores and spore cases inside the red blood cells. The spores growth rate depends on the blood's pH value; the more alkaline the blood, the faster the growth rate. The spores split into either two or four new spores, and the spore case grows until it splits and releases the spores. These parasites have the ability to destroy the red blood cells by splitting the nuclei. They also cause the red blood cells to become clumpy, which leads to a reduced oxygen supply in the body causing the person be be tired.  It is reported here that Dr. Warburg proved in 1931 that cancer is caused by lack of oxygen in the cells.  Perhaps what Dr. Warburg saw was the result of clumping.

It may be that Rife killed them with resonance; Lakhovski fed energy to the good cells to overcome them; Beck sterilized the blood of them; Clark removed them with parasite purging herbs. Graviola and Essiac have anti-parasite properties, which is consistent with the theory that parasites are involved in cancer. Since the microbes only multiply if the pH of the blood is sufficiently alkaline, an herb or supplement (e.g. cesium) that changes the blood's pH to more acid will prevent more cancer, and perhaps reverse it.

What is curious is that increasing the alkalinity of the diet will make the blood more acid, while the urine becomes more alkaline. What might be happening is that as the tissues become too acid, the blood will compensate by becoming more alkaline in an attempt to remove the acid from the tissues. As the acid in tissues is removed (by providing more alkaline minerals from a more alkaline diet), the blood no longer needs to be alkaline, and moves in the direction of more acid, closer to neutral. If anyone really understands this, please let me know.

Philosophically, it may be that the parasites are just doing their job of cleaning up. They have sensed that the system is dead, and all dead meat is suppose to decay.

The brain is a wonderful thing. It starts the first thing in the morning, and doesn't stop until you reach your office.




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