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Do you bathe with toxic soap? Consider Miracle II soap - it's actually good for you. Avoid showering in chlorine by using a shower filter. Natural toothpaste is available that isn't poison. Do you drink fluoridated water? Water filters are a very good idea, as are air cleaners, air purifiers, air filters, or air ionizers, just to start...


There are many contaminants in our environment that put a stress on the immune system. The body can only take so much before it breaks down, or manifests symptoms. To cure and avoid cancer, you need to remove the toxins from you life.

Drinking Water

Whether you have cancer or are in good health, you should consider a water purifier, and then follow through and take care of the water's more subtle properties.

Chlorine is added to water to disinfect it, but by consuming chlorine you also kill the immunity enhancing beneficial micro-organisms in the body, till eventually the immune system is not capable of rejecting viruses and germs. 

There are several types of filters:

Carbon filter
A carbon water filter uses a cartridge with a porous surface that can absorb a variety of substances, which must occasionally be replaced when it is saturated. It can remove trihalomethanes such as chloroform, which has been found to be cancer forming on some lab rats, and can remove odors and disagreeable tastes.

Some water filters are small and attach to your tap; others sit on the counter top and dispense from your tap with a diverter valve. Still others mount under your sink and have a separate dispensing spout. Small cartridges need to be replaced more often than big ones, and the under sink versions can have one or more stages of cartridges, each performing a different function. Some higher priced water filters have a back washing system that eliminates the need for replacement cartridges; these require a source of hot water to work. Finally, you can get portable units (pitchers) that you pour water into that allow the water to trickle through.

A distiller water filter vaporizes tap water and then condenses it, leaving behind dissolved solids, salts, heavy metals, microbes, and other substances.  Distillers are generally countertop units.

Reverse osmosis
Reverse osmosis (RO) is a process of forcing water through a permeable membrane, leaving behind dissolved solids which are rinsed away. This process creates the purest water. A storage tank is required, typically two gallons, under the sink. Depending on the unit, it could take two hours to make a gallon of water. RO water filters typically include pre and post filters. If your water is metered, you should also get an automatic shutoff so that you are not wasting water when the tank is full. There are countertop units with a tap diverter valve, or under sink units with a separate dispensing spout . Tap diverters are a little inconvenient because the hose might get in the way.

If you cannot afford a water filter, you might be able to buy refills at a refill island at your local store, at a typical cost of 20 to 50 cents a gallon.

Preventing Cryptosporidiosis
Cryptosporidium parvum, a protozoan parasite that causes gastrointestinal illness, is transmitted by ingestion of oocysts excreted in human or animal feces. Many, but not all, filters will remove cryptosporidium. All Reverse Osmosis filters will remove cryptosporidium. And other filters that remove an absolute pore size of 1 micron or less will work. A filter specified as 1 micron, or nominal 1 micron, is questionable. (An absolute 1 micron filter will block 99.9% of all particles 1 micron and larger. A nominal 1 micron filter will block 85% of particles 1 micron and larger.) Also, a filter tested and certified by NSF Standard 53 or NSF Standard 58 for cyst removal will also remove cryptosporidium.

Avoid Fluoridated water
There is controversy about the use of fluoride in drinking water, for the purpose of preventing tooth decay. There should be no controversy here; those who want it should add it to their water as a supplement, and not force it into the water of those who consider it poison. See this lengthy article, a good read on the relationship between fluoride and disease.

Water Ionizers
An ionizer is not a filter, though it may contain one.  An ionizer turns your water into an antioxidant, and if you are going to the trouble of filtering your water, you should also consider improving it with ionization.  It's good for turning water into an anti-oxidant, and is on the Prevention page.

Product recommendations

My best recommendation in the best of all possible worlds, is to use a reverse osmosis unit followed by the Vitalizer Plus.  If you already have purified water, follow it with the Vitalizer Plus.

Ewater.com - The Vitalizer Plus for Theraputic Water
If you are using reverse osmosis water, consider
the Vitalizer Plus to put life back into it. The Vitalizer Plus structures water by using magnetic and infrared sources, increases oxygen by using a vortex, adds minerals to the water, and adds energy to the water. Look for "Vitalizer Plus" on their "Water Revitalization page.

Crystal Quest.com - Multi-stage Carbon and Reverse Osmosis Water Filters
Protect yourself and your family from contaminated water for less than A PENNY per gallon. Various types of filters are offered at a reasonable price.

Bathing Water

Use a shower filter
In 1990 the EPA placed hot showers on their list of cancer sources. Not only do the carcinogens in your water supply get into your skin during a hot shower, you breath in the carcinogenic steam.   You can absorb up to 600% more contaminants in your body in a ten-minute shower than in all the water consumed in a day (Showers Pose a Risk to Health, Ian Anderson, New Scientist, 9/18/86).  These filters work by converting chlorine ions into harmless zinc chloride.  Thus, a filtration system added to your shower is also recommended.

Ewater.com - EWATER Shower Filter
The finest filter at a most affordable price, goes far beyond other filters, it also energizes, magnetizes, polarizes, far infrared enhances and microclusters your water (see below for my comments on energized water).  Look for "shower filtration" on their home page.

Crystal Quest.com - Two-Stage Shower Filter
A two stage filter of KDF to remove chlorine, and granular activated carbon to reduce contaminants, unheard of at this low price.  Most of these inexpensive filters are single stage.  No energetic properties at this price, you are at least removing the chlorine.

Use a bath filter
Purity Products - Bath Filter Crystal Ball
Your bath water will be healthier and feel better.  The ball converts toxic chlorine ions into harmless zinc chloride.

AbsolutelyThePurest.com - Bath Filter Crystal Ball
Another version of the crystal ball to choose from.

Energized Water

If you are going to the expense of purifying your water, follow through with cleaning up the subtle properties.  Life supporting water is more than just H2O, but contains dissolved oxygen, minerals, and ... memory.

When water is reclaimed from sewage and passed through pipes to your tap, it has a memory of the sewage which will adversely effect your body; skeptical?  Read on.

I can't explain scientifically why it works, but I could taste the difference when I put water in an energy cup from Ewater. To explain by analogy, homeopathic remedies are made by diluting a substance to the point that not a single molecule of the original substance remains; yet the dilution has a memory of the original substance and will have an effect on the body. Modern medicine recently considered this quackery, and to prove it was quackery research was done, but it backfired and actually showed that water does indeed have a memory. Also, I have used homeopathic remedies and know that they work; I don't doubt my experience. If you use an energy device, you will replace the memory with a new high-energy version.

Ewater - Various energy products
Check out the many different types of energy products. 


Use an Air Ionizer
If you suffer from fits of anxiety, depression, migraine, physical illness, and bottomless despair; if you are "weather sensitive"; it could be due to imbalances in the natural electrical charge of the air. It took Fred Soyka, the author of The Ion Effect : How Air Electricity Rules Your Life and Health, five years to discover that his doctors were wrong, that he was not physically or mentally "ill." If you have similar problems, go read the book. "... 63 percent of patients suffering from hay fever or bronchial asthma 'have experienced partial or total relief' because of neg-ion therapy." "...'they come in sneezing, eyes watering, nose itching, worn out from lack of sleep, so miserable they can hardly walk. Fifteen minutes in front of the neg-ion machine and they feel so much better they don't even want to leave.'" (p.68)

The Aranizer is a recommended unit. It is said to produce activated oxygen in the form of 03 (ozone), 04, O5, and beyond.  Ozone is used by nature to clean the environment.  Activated oxygen is capable of removing dust, pollen, mold, mildew, fungi, viruses, bacteria, chemical fumes, toxic gasses, smoke, and 98% or organic odors.  No maintenance is required, and there are no filters to replace; compare that to other units.

Use an Air Cleaner
If you have allergies, an air filter can remove the pollen from the air and allow you to breath.

Austin Air Health Mate Jr. (for 700 square feet rooms)
These air filters will clean and recirculate air up to 20 times an hour and remove 99.97% of animal dander, smoke, molds, pollen, spores, dust, and more.

Mercury Fillings in Teeth
Mercury from silver (amalgam) fillings is a toxin responsible for brain, kidney, and immune system damage. It has been linked to gastrointestinal problems, sleep disturbances, concentration problems, memory disturbances, lack of initiative, restlessness, Alzheimer's Disease, bleeding gums and other mouth disorders. It has been implicated in Multiple Sclerosis, Parkinson's Disease, IBS, reproductive disorders, allergies, and a variety of other illnesses. Proper removal of fillings produced improvement in many cases. See http://www.holisticmed.com/dental/amalgam/

Cell Phones
The use of cell phones is a giant experiment to see what the effect will be of microwave radiation on the brain. Until the results are in, I would be conservative and suggest you stop cooking your brain; use the land line, and keep the cell phone in the car for occasional use. I would also suggest using a headset, but use an acoustically coupled one. A regular headset with wires will conduct radiation up to your head.

Acoustically Coupled Cell Phone Headset
Stop participating in the global brain cooking experiment with this acoustically coupled cell phone headset.  It also allows for hands-free use of your phone while driving.

Personal Products

Don't forget that lotions, hair spray, mouth wash, and other items you put into your hair or on your body can be toxic. Cleaning supplies can be toxic. The Cure for All Cancers: Including over 100 Case Histories of Persons Cured by Hulda Clark, PhD, ND is filled with suggestions for detoxifying your life. Here are some alternatives:

Stay away from fluoride toothpaste (or fluoridated water). Read the label of your toothpaste; if it advises you to contact a poison control center if you swallow it, that means you are using poison for a toothpaste. Here are some suggestions:

AbsolutelyThePurest.com - Variety of Natural Toothpastes
Check out these natural toothpastes.

The soap you are using may be toxic. I would suggest Miracle II soap for all your cleaning needs including laundry, bath, and shampoo.  Not only does it clean, it is also good for you. Thats right, it has healing properties; check out some of them at the above link. View the “personal testimonies” and “application” pages.

AbsolutelyThePurest.com - Bar soaps
River Soap Company is all natural vegetable based, no perfumes or artificial colorants, lightly colored with botanicals and scented with essential oils.  The River Soap Calming Sandalwood is their best seller. There are other soaps there to consider.

Tongue Scraper

AbsolutelyThePurest.com - Tongue Scraper
Scrape your tongue every day to remove toxins. Not only is this good for your health, it is good for your breath, and it only takes 10 seconds. Brushing your tongue with a toothbrush is inadequate.



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