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I agree that, even if the information provided by Hidden-Cancer-Cures.com is considered quackery and is not approved by any government organization, and even if it has no basis in science or fact, should I decide to follow the procedures and/or purchase and use the materials or devices ("materials") made available on this site, or from suppliers linked to this site, I agree to take full responsibility for the results of such use.

I understand and agree that the government may be suppressing cures to diseases, and the only way I can gain access to these cures is to waive any protection or relief provided by law, equity, or other body of law. I agree to allow natural law to provide any relief for damages caused to me. This means that natural law, the Will of God, will provide punishment to wrongdoers in God's own time. I agree to abide by the Principles of Natural Law, (see When Right Action is Illegal and What If You Had a Cure For Cancer) as provided on this site.

I agree to indemnify, defend and hold harmless the owner of Hidden-Cancer-Cures.com and the providers of the information, materials, or devices made available by, linked to, or sold by or through Hidden-Cancer-Cures.com, from and against all losses, expenses, damages and costs, including reasonable attorney's fees, resulting from the use of said materials. This means I agree not to file suit in any court of law, equity, or other jurisdiction for any damages or losses I experience as a result of using said materials.

I agree to accept full responsibility, and I am responsible to consult a competent medical practitioner in the use of said materials.

I understand and agree that some materials may be experimental and unproved, and there is no guarantee of results, and results vary from individual to individual and case to case. I understand that testimonials of benefits by others is no guarantee that I will have the same results.

I understand and agree that, in order for this to be truly a free country, providers of materials must be able to provide such materials to whose who want them, even if the government doesn't like it and has attempted to make it illegal, otherwise I would in effect be a ward of the state without ability to handle my own affairs.

I agree that the principles of natural law shall supersede any other law if there is a conflict between them.

I agree that I am not party to, or a member, officer, official or agent of any State, Federal, Code, Law enforcement agency, Commerce, or acting as an agent or third-party of, or for, those stated agencies either in concert, whether of a disclosed or undisclosed nature or acting in any capacity whatsoever. Violation of this clause is entrapment with certain legal rights and substantial compensatory damages attached. If you are such an officer or inspector, you are requested to leave this site now.

I agree that government, while it has the power to protect society from harm, it does not have the power to suppress cures from being distributed from those who desire them. I agree that, while government protection may be suitable for the general population, said protection does not apply to me in this case, and in fact is causing me harm by preventing me from taking responsibility for my own care and gaining access to potential cures. This harm renders such government protection void as being in violation of various natural law rights.

I agree that, the government in labeling a disease incurable, has in effect waived jurisdiction over that disease, and has no power to suppress alternate approaches which may at least maintain hope for relief or cure.

I agree with the principles of natural law as expressed in this site.

If you do not agree to these terms and conditions, please leave this site now.

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