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1)    Achilles tendon and heel / severe cut - #1, #58
2)    Acute Deep Vein Thrombosis - #56
3)    Agent Orange poisoning - #21, #42, #43, #60
4)    Allergy/ Sinus related difficulties - #57
5)    Amputation of foot due to complications of Diabetes - #42
6)    Ankles/ swelling - #5, #15
7)    Arthritis - #4, #17, #33, #48, #55
8)    Asthma - #55, #56
9)    Athletes foot - #9
10)  Avascular Necrosis/ bones dying - #16
11)  Back pain - #6, #27, #36, #37, #38
12)  Back pain lower - #45, #51
13)  Bicep tendonitis - #25
14)  Blood poisoning in foot and leg from infected cut - #10
15)  Blood pressure/pulse - #26
16)  Bone pain from terminal cancer - #23
17)  Bronchitis - #47, #55
18)  Bursitis in shoulder - #22
19)  Carbon monoxide poisoning - #37
20)  Chest pain - #27
21)  Chronic Arthritis in ankles due to 75 ft from ski lift - #32
22)  Circulation/legs - #17
23)  Cold Sores - #46
24)  Cystic acne - #47
25)  Diabetes - #7, #19, #39, #42 #44, #55
26)  Dog bite / infected - #59
27)  Edema in foot/ swollen - #15, #27, #29
28)  Eye inflammation/ red and watery - #53
29)  Eyes improved for reading/ vision changed to 20/20 - #36, #45, #46
30)  Fever/runny nose for a 2 year old child - #52
31)  Fibrocystic disease - #31
32)  Fibromyalgia - #31, #49, #56
33)  Finger smashed in door - #41
34)  Finger swollen to the size of a small English walnut - #2
35)  Finger diagnosed w/ reflex muscular dystrophy - #30
36)  Foot pain - #5
37)  Fungus of toe nail - #21
38)  Gout - #34
39)  Groin pain from 2 hip replacements - #24
40)  Infected ingrown toenail - #29
41)  Infected toe due to diabetes - #19, #44
42)  Insomnia - #26, #27, #35, #51
43)  Joint pain w/ swelling - #60
44)  Kidney dialysis/ sick stomach & fatigue - #18
45)  Kidney disease - #7
46)  Kinotakara comparison analysis - #13, #14
47)  Knee/ painful and sore - #11, #46, #49
48)  Leg/ dark blue bruises/ painful - #17, #38
49)  Liver Toxicity - #46
50)  Lymph swelling under arm - #36
51)  Medicinal patch/ release speeded up due to Kinotakara - #25
52)  Melanoma skin cancer on ear - #36
53)  Menopause - #9
54)  Metatarsal Osteotomy/ surgery of bone in foot - #14
55)  Migraine headache/ suffering for 27 years - #3
56)  Migraine headache (general) - #4
57)  Misc. - #12
58)  Muscle spasms in neck/ back - #47
59)  Neck pain/ soreness - #54
60)  Neuropathy/ feet - #40
61)  Neuritis - #1
62)  Osteoarthritis - #7, #15
63)  Osteoporosis - #20
64)  Pain/ intense throughout body - #8
65)  Period cramps - #55
66)  Rheumatoid arthritis - #34, #50
67)  Shattered heel/ in pain for the last 12 years - #2
68)  Shoulder pain/ severe - #27, #36, #51
69)  Skin tone improved - #18
70)  Sore throat/ singer - #28
71)  Spine curvature - #9
72)  Stomach pain - #9
73)  Systemic Lupus - #56
74)  Toe/ broken with pain - #15
75)  Toxic shock syndrome/toxicity levels lowered - #18
76)  Yeast infection - #26

I have been a practicing chiropractic physician for close to 30 years. When my direct up line came into my office talking about these marvelous pads, I thought she was a little overzealous, but when she told me they were a MLM product, I figured for sure I didn't want anything to do with them! Well, she left me a pad to try and being adventurous, I thought I'd try one on my wife who has suffered with a severe neuritis in her legs for several months.  About eight months ago, she managed to cut a large section of her heel off in an accident.  She knocked a picture off the mantle place and the shattered glass inflicted a severe cut and a large portion of her heel and Achilles' tendon on her right foot were affected.
After eight or nine months her heels looked as if you cut a golf ball in half and slid under the skin. It was very red and inflamed and extremely swollen. She had not been able to wear regular shoes since the accident.  She could only wear step in sandals or Sketchers without a heel.  Well, I held her down and taped the pad to her heel and the next morning we were astonished at the mess she had on her heel, nasty looking and green slime everywhere.  I asked her if it was any better and she replied she didn't think so.  Yet upon my examination of it, I pushed and prodded it without getting kicked and I commented that it was better because I didn't have to hold her down in order to touch it.  The next time Marie, my up line came into my office, she asked about the results with the pad and I told her about the mess we had and she said good, its better to have that mess in a pad then in the body! She lent me four more pads and said I could pay her back from my first order. We promptly used the pads two nights running on my wife's feet and continued to get a mess. She had some changes in the neuritis/burning in her feet but nothing monumental!
Now you have to appreciate that my wife is a very slow responder.  If it takes a week for someone to respond to something, it takes her three weeks.  If you give her an upper, she goes to sleep.  If you give her a downer she cleans house all night, so we never know exactly what to expect from her, but the fact that she had a positive change after only using the pad a few nights, was very impressive.  Well, needless to say I forgot all about my bad experiences in the past with MLM, signed up as a distributor and ordered eight boxes.  Finally when they arrived, I begin placing them on my wife on any and all of her painful areas.  For the first time in two years of suffering with this neuritis, she began to get changes and relief of her pain.  I believe it was the second pad that we placed on her heel; the golf balls sized inflamed area was gone.  There is no redness or swelling and probably 80 to 90 percent of the tenderness was gone.  She actually had a shoe with a heel on for the first time in several months. This was absolutely amazing!  She has slowly continued to improve since late January when the first pads were used. One thing this has taught me is this; just because she did not respond overnight or miraculously as most of the other people that have used the pads - DON'T GIVE UP! I think the people who don't respond in just a few days will respond if they stay with it.  Back to the heel.  For the first time in eight months, I was able to see the scar on her heel; in fact it was the first time I had been able to see her Achilles' tendon in eight months and for her, this was miraculous. Needless to say I have to watch the mail for my shipments or they will get confiscated and go upstairs (I have a home/office combination)
Certainly in the 30 years of practice I have seen some truly amazing things happen, or so I thought, but certainly nothing has ever been comparable to Kinotakara and the incredible results we see in most people, after just a few nights’ use.  I think the biggest thing it has done, is to renew in my mind as to how involved toxic materials are in the role of chronic pain!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Certainly chronic pain problems are the most difficult to cope within any practice and mine is no exception. Now after 30 years I have something that I feel can defeat chronic pain in anybody who brings it through my front door! This is certainly a wonderful feeling and I will always be grateful to Marie, Dan and all the others involved in bringing this product to the United States and ultimately to me.
Well, I promised myself I wouldn't write a book, but so many incredible things have happened to my wife and me from the use of these pads, let alone the patients I use them on.  I can't just adequately describe it all or do it justice in a few paragraphs.  

I have to talk about myself and some of the things I was suffering with at this point for you to fully appreciate why I feel so strongly about this product. For the past three years I've had difficulty adjusting with my right hand and for the last year it's been next too impossible.  I had become a left-handed chiropractor. The index finger on my right hand and the joint where it joins the hand was swollen to the size of a small English walnut.  I could barely flex my index finger a few degrees and pain stopped any further movement.
Now don't get ahead of me.  I have to tell about some of the other stupid things I have done to myself that cause me a lot of grief and pain. I shattered my right heel about 12 years ago taking a header off a ladder.  My wife calls me an injury pool looking for another accident! For the first 15 to 20 minutes each morning after rising, my right heel felt like I was stepping on a sharp tack.  Since my finger and my heel were my two main problems, I placed a pad on each of them my first night. The next morning when my feet hit the floor I was truly amazed.  I had no pain in my heel whatsoever! I mean absolutely none, after 12 years of a painful heel each morning.  One pad and the pain was completely gone! Amazing! Well, I got my heel pad off, cleaned up and then went after the pad on my knuckle.  If you think I was elated with my heel, I was ecstatic with my finger.  I could make a ball but not a fist for the first time in a year without pain; all the swelling was gone out of that knuckle with just one application! After one week and four pads, I could make a hard fist with 90 pounds of grip pressure, when a week earlier I could barely flex my index finger. This was absolutely incredible.
I realized after reading some of the testimonials posted on the web that a measly sore knuckle doesn't sound like much, however, my hands are my livelihood, so to me it was a great big deal (and to my wife who say she needs more money).  It's amazing that I feel better and have more energy.  I think my brain is starting to work a little better (and of course my wife says not really). This is truly a remarkable product and I feel anyone introducing others to this product are truly doing them a great justice. In just a few short months, I've seen so many people with chronic pain problems helped in ways I never thought would be possible!
Again I think we all owe everyone involved in bringing this product to us the deepest gratitude and thank the good Lord for providing us with such a gift from nature's bounty.
Dr. Jerry Haggin
Chiropractic Physician


 3 Testimonials

My friends told me about Kinotakara and I was so excited I couldn't hardly wait till I got them on my feet. That was in January. It was March before I got them, and yes they were worth the wait. I have fibromyalgia and all its glory, but mostly have been suffering with migraines for 27 years, and if they made anything to get rid of the migraines, I've tried it. That's why I wanted to try Kinotakara. I was told that when I got a migraine I could put one on my Forehead and in 20 minutes, it would be gone. I'm still waiting to test the Kinotakara on a migraine, because I haven't had ONE migraine headache since I've been wearing the patches and I'm on my third box.  I had migraines almost daily, rarely did a day go by without one and three migraines in one day was very common. So for me to say I haven't had one migraine since I've been wearing the Kinotakara pads say volumes.  My migraines are gone because of Kinotakara.

I'm sold

I Love the Kinotakara!

I'd like to tell you about my daughter who is a Park Ranger. Her feet pained her so bad she couldn't sit down all day, because she knew if she did she wouldn't be able to walk again that day.  She has arthritis in her hands and migraines also. Well of course I sent her a box hoping it would help her feet, as that's her work. She called me telling with so much excitement that she had no pain in her feet that she could jump up and down on concrete and her feet did not hurt. An also her hands didn't hurt and her migraines were gone. Said she hadn't felt this good in years and wanted 5 more boxes she was telling more people and her and her husband was going to use them. He is a diabetic and needs them bad. We are sold on KINOTAKARA.... THANK YOU   THANK YOU                     
My Daughter's name is Brenda.   Cherie'
Hi!  I used another product; I don't remember the name as I got it from my upline when I could not get Kinotakara.  I used it 4 nights.  It did not remove pain, swelling, or I suspect any toxins.  There was never any little bloody spot.  There was a lot of gook, and a small ball of brown gook formed.  It was cheaper, but I think I wasted my 4 nights money.

Last night, I went back to my Kinotakara, since I felt the experiment had gone on long enough, the pain in my left foot went away, the swelling in both ankles went away, and I spotted two places where blood was on the Kino pad.  Thank God the problem has been solved and we can get out product when we want it.   

Nina Gordon

Three More Kinotakara Testimonials
Kinotakara Possibly Saved Their Marriage
My computer has been down for a couple of weeks, but I'm back.
I thought you might get a kick out of this testimonial.

A dad of a girl that works at curves, where I work out, tried a couple of patches for her dad, he suffers from back pain and a few other aches and pains, and he had been using a product called tok-u-han, not many people in the mainland are familiar with this over the counter product. You put it on (its a patch) where it hurts and the best it does is heat up, but the worst of it is, it stinks and they come in different colors. I don't know why, and my friends Mom can't stand the smell, she says she can smell him way before he's in the room, she no longer wants to share the same bedroom when he is covered with the tok-u-han, and when he tried the Kinotakara patches, not only did it eliminate the pain in his back after only one night, he felt wonderful and of course no smell.

They are eagerly awaiting the Kinotakara patches.  This may be a first, that not only did it get rid of the pain; it may have saved a marriage.

Aloha Carol

It goes to show the sky is the limit with Kinotakara.

Dear Dr Martin:

"I just started using the Kinotakara this week and I have had positive results with it. I have severe health problems, kidney disease, diabetes, osteo arthritis, and I have seen immediate improvement after using the Kinotakara.  I am going to recommend this to everyone I know using myself as the best example attesting to the benefits of the product."









I have a few testimonials of my own I'd like to share.  I've had stomach problems for about one year. I've been trying to treat it myself but nothing has really worked. This winter it got worse. I ordered Kino Pads and patiently waited for their arrival. I had constant gnawing below my rib cage and a lot of gurgling going on. By the time they came my stomach had been hurting for 3 weeks straight. After 1 night of using the pads, I woke up feeling good. I used one pad on each foot for 4 nights. I had given one pad to my daughter, so I saved the last one knowing it would be a while before we could order again. My stomach problem came back but I waited for a few days knowing it would get worse and it did. I put the last pad on my foot and about 1 ½ hrs later I felt good again. The next morning I had no pain whatsoever and it usually wakes me up.

I'm also going through menopause and have had night sweats nearly every night for the past year. I haven't had them since the first night I used them and that was almost 2 weeks ago!

I also have a permanent curvature of the spine. I noticed when I was vacuuming one day after I had used the pads that I hadn't stopped to straighten out my back after doing 2 rooms. I vacuumed one more room not having to straighten out once. Normally I would have had to stop and straighten up 4-5 times.

One more thing, I had athlete's foot pretty bad before I used these pads. Yesterday I checked and to my surprise they are completely healed. I've had athlete's foot off and on for many years and I've never seen anything heal them so fast! I am anxiously waiting to reorder and can't stop telling people how great these things are!

Jan from Minnesota

I know you are busy and you do not have to reply to me, but I just wanted to give you my testimony. On March 2nd, I had to go to the ER with blood poisoning in my foot and leg. This was caused by a small cut on my foot.

Two red streaks were almost to my knee. At the ER, they gave me an IV antibiotic and I was put on another for 10 days. If you have never had this, believe me it is painful.

A friend who did have some Kinotakara patches over-nighted 9 of them to me. On March 5th, I started using them. I only used one a night on the bad leg. Each time, they were completely filled and overflowing black/brown. However, each day, I could see the redness receding on my leg. My Dr. is amazed at how fast this has taken place and says that I am about 2 weeks ahead of what I should be. She told me to "keep doing all the natural things I am doing" I told her about the Kinotakara and she is very interested.

I know I would not be this well if it weren't for the patches.

JoJean Nelson

Hi Dan I just want you to know the product works. I emailed you that I had been using them for 4 days and at that time I hadn't felt any results and was concerned, you e mailed back and said to try the patch directly on the pain. So I put a patch on my knee, wore it all day and then put the patches on at night the next morning the pain was gone.  Be fore I could not stand to rub my hand over my knee it was so sore. I can hardly wait to be able to order another supply. Folks this does work.   

Sincerely Gladys Holconb

Thanks Dan: as long Kino is here, or anywhere, I will be beside, behind, or anywhere I have to stay. I have been searching alternative medicine since 1980. One month's use of Kino, has shown more progress, than all those years put together, so nothing of the cash spent.  Dan

I'm an independent distributor of Kinotakara, I've come across dozen of toxin patches but none have come close to Kinotakara.

Below are some of the names of patches that I've tried before...which have failed to impress many others and me.

I believe every now and then you will come across similar product.

Just to name a few...........

Red Sun Takara
Kion Takara
Super Kino
Kenko Takara

Just for your information there is more than 100 different types of patches from Japan & China.

I still believe and currently using Kinotakara because ... simply it works.

Azman  from Singapore

Below is good news and sad news…We are losing our pad tester. He doesn't want to put his body through this abuse any more.  Kinotakara works and he is staying with Kinotakara.

Larry has asked that I not ask him to try any more off brand, copycats or no name pads, pouches or patches. Last night Larry tried the supposedly improved, foot pouches by Coral Connection Shu Li. He spent one of the most terrible days since he began using Kinotakara.

He spent the night very restless and awoke earlier at 3:30am and did not feel rested at all. His pain was much more severe then it has been and he curtailed any extra walking or activity that would cause him additional pain. He felt no energy or refreshed feeling like he does when using Kinotakara.

The pad did leave a sticky residue just like some of the other pads he has tried and that confirmed my suspicion that these are being manufactured by the same company or they are using some of the same ingredients as the no-name or private label pads that are being offered in bulk at a ridiculously low price. I have learned that a quality product that has ingredients that get results is worth more much more. How can you put a price any price on what is happening for so many! Kinotakara is truly without a doubt.... PRICELESS!

Kinotakara has proven beyond any doubt in our minds (especially Larry's) that it's the best and nothing comes even close!  

Larry has Kinotakara on his feet tonight and he is sleeping like a baby and God willing he will have a much better day tomorrow.

Bev & Larry
Here is just one of Larry's health challenges following foot surgery.... just dates and facts you be the judge.
On November 29, 2001 Larry had bunion surgery of the right foot with delayed union of the 1st metatarsal osteotomy (main bone above big toe did not heal)

Follow-up visits included physical therapy (8 weeks), bone stimulation unit (6 months) with no healing and the bone appeared to have a space visible on x-ray.

Doctor appointment on October 21, 2002, showed no healing and surgery was scheduled to replace the bone with frozen bone from a bone bank and recovery would take several months with up to 3 months in a wheelchair.

On October 12th I was introduced to Kinotakara and very soon after we were ordering and how the subsequent dates fell into place are simply amazing!

Surgery was schedule for November 14, 2002, and was then changed to December 5, 2002, due to doctor's and operating room scheduling.

A pre-surgery consultation appointment with doctor assisting was not scheduled until December 2nd and he was confident that this procedure would help relieve his pain and his primary doctor wanted a bone scan which was performed on November 21, 2002, to help determine exactly how much bone would need to be replaced as the bone was still not healing. So again surgery was put on hold for both doctors to review scan, x-rays and procedure.

Our Kinotakara order arrived on November 22, 2002, and Larry started using pads on both feet each night.

December 18, 2002, both Larry and I went to what we thought was a pre-op appointment to learn from the doctor the details on the surgical procedure and how much bone they were going to replace. Doctor requested another x-ray and Larry objected as he had just had x-rays at assisting doctor and at this doctor on his last visit. However, he insisted and was told by technician that it had been several months since they had done an x-ray in their office and they did not have access to other doctor's x-rays. Doctor then reviewed the x-ray and told us both that the bone was showing some healing and he suggested to wait a few more months to see if healing would continue. Larry was very upset and confused to say the least as he had prepared himself mentally for this surgery and he wasn't convinced the doctor was being upfront on why he had changed his mind on performing the surgery. I was extremely happy as I truly believed FIRST and FOREMOST our prayers would be answered and along with help from Kinotakara that his bone would heal.

I did ask the doctor if they performed the surgery and his bones would not heal (as they were not from this surgery) would that possibly cause him to have more pain and problems then he was currently experiencing and after a few minutes of pondering he said "yes," so this lead me to know that he (the doctor) was not sure the bone was healing. I also asked him if the healing process might be contributing to his pain and he said that was a possibility.

February 24, 2003, Larry had a follow-up appointment and the x-ray showed his bone was completely healed.

Prayers Answered!

Thank YOU God and Kinotakara ... it's truly amazing!

I broke my little toe on my right foot last Tuesday night, accidentally hitting it pretty hard on the metal support rail to my bed. The pain was intense. I put ice on it that night and picked up some Kino pads from Rusty Wednesday night. I used the pads that night and during the day the next day, and again Thursday night. By Friday morning I was relatively pain free, which was a great relief compared to the excruciating pain I had experienced both Wednesday and Thursday mornings.

I used the pads again Friday night, but not Saturday or Sunday night. By Monday, the edema (swelling) in the foot with the broken toe was pretty bad, so I wore a pad all day Monday. By Monday night the Edema was mostly gone and I wore pads on both feet Monday night. This morning the edema in the foot with the broken toe was completely gone, and although a little tender, the previously excruciating pain is completely gone.

I suffer from edema in my feet and ankles most nights due to sitting in a chair at work all day. The pads have almost completely eliminated that problem, at least in the "healthy" foot. I expect I am a long ways from "clear pads" as mine are always full of a dark gray goo, and this morning there was a dark black spot on the pad from the right foot. No doubt the organ corresponding with that "spot" on the foot is in need of healing (lower right quadrant).

Anyway, I thought you might like to hear that I have already had good results for myself from the pads, even though I`ve only been using them less than a week.

Celeste Boden, Paralegal

My husband Larry has had very good results using Kinotakara, and then we ran out. He suffers with osteo arthritis, avascular necrosis (bones dying) and bones in his right foot were not healing from surgery last year and endures swelling and constant severe pain daily. We tried other pads such as Takara and Koyotakara and each morning after, there was no improvement. They did have fluid on them and were darkened and left a sticky residue on the bottom of his feet, but he didn`t feel energized like he does when using Kinotakara. When he woke up in the morning, he felt down in the dumps while using these other pads.

A very nice lady had 3 extra boxes that she offered to us because she knew Larry needed help. Once he started using the Kinotakara again he slept better, had the energized feeling and less pain. This happened after the very first night of using Kinotakara. We thought the other pads might help Larry but after using Kinotakara again, Larry really felt the difference.

Kinotakara is truly a remarkable product!

Thank God for this GREAT product!
Bev and Larry

I have very bad varicose veins, by the end of a day my toes were numb, and I have lots of dark blue bruise like places on my feet and legs from poor circulation.

I also had Arthritis in my shoulders and both knees steadily getting worse over the last 15 years. It was very difficult to go up and down stairs, almost impossible to get down on my knees.  My knees were more than twice their normal size.  Sometimes I had to use a cane or knee brace to move around.

I was told by doctors "At my age, (I`m 75 years old) it was quite a common occurrence".  They suggested Cortisone shots which I refused.

I started using the packets on the bottom of my feet to see if they could help the circulation in my legs.

Surprise, surprise, in 10 days my knees are normal size again and pain free. In 12 days my shoulders no longer hurt me. Plus the legs are improving, no more numbness in the toes, and the bruises are disappearing as well. I`m thrilled with my increased mobility. I could go dancing again and back to weeding the garden.

Thank you "Kinotakara" for giving this body the help it needed to heal it`s self.

PS.   I`m a believer big time.

Pat Carver

My very first customer to try this product, was a woman at church who has been sick off and on for a very long time. She has been in and out of the hospital, she does dialysis every night (hooks up to the machine for as long as I`ve known her), she had toxic shock syndrome, etc.etc.etc....I knew that this would be a great person to try Kinotakara on.

She has purchased more boxes from me than anyone.  I originally gave her 2 packets to try. After the first two packets, she immediately felt better all over, more energy, etc. She then purchased two boxes, she does a packet every night. She has felt so good, better than she has ever felt, that she continues to wear the packets! Every morning she used to be sick to her stomach, due to the dialysis, and throughout the day, she`d get tired, and have to rest. Her health has improved tremendously since the packets! She never feels sick in the a.m., she has energy bursting, and this past Sunday she even took off running around the church, of course praising the Lord for her new found strength! (Pentecostal church...lots of fun!) She had lab work done this past week, and rec`d. her results! Her condition had improved greatly, they tested her toxicity levels, they were way down, and she just can`t get over how good she feels. Her skin tone has lightened, she used to be a "dark greyish black" and looking at her skin now, she`s a beautiful brown color. She said the sickness makes her greyish dark black, so she`s been that way for a very long time. "I always thought she was just darker then the rest of her sisters??"

=======Then I have one more who had lab work done, that his doctor gave him green light to keep wearing these packets due to the outcome! My brother is in N.Y. in an old folks home due to the fact that the state couldn’t keep him in a hospital any longer. He`s only 44 yrs. old. He has diabetes, and about 8 months ago, had a minor cut in his foot, that grew to some kind of infection that ran up his leg, his big toe was infected...I’m sure you`ve heard of this before.  He couldn’t walk, therefore couldn’t work any longer,.. lost his apartment, etc. He has had this infection for a very long time....I guess due to the diabetes, he doesn`t heal like he`s supposed to. I sent him a box, a couple weeks ago, I heard he was so depressed he hadn`t even tried them, so I waited a little while and finally called. He said, he`s on pain medication 3 times a day so it`s hard to tell if the packets had relieved any pain, but then his doctor walked in. He immediately showed her the box, told her what they were for, and asked if it was okay to continue them (he had done 5 packets at this point and time). The doctor said "whatever you`re doing keep on because your lab work came back and your white blood cell count went from 18000 to 10000, meaning LESS infection in his body! My brother was so happy, I hadn`t heard him so happy in a long time! So he had 5 more packets left...and now of course we are waiting on FDA to release, but will continue when we get our new supplies! (I wish I had ordered more! ).

It`s amazing to me all the "different" types of pains, and ailments that these packets help, but I did read under a health science institute that a doctor said the toxins were the single highest cause of failing health and that a glass of water alone had over 2000 different kinds of toxins in it? WOW! (that`s hard to swallow huh?) no pun intended.... So keep wearing those packets...

From: Lana in Virginia Beach, VA.

I wanted to tell you that my mother has suffered with back and leg pain from osteoporosis so much so that it was hard for her to stand or walk for any length of time. After wearing the packets for four nights she is now virtually pain free!! She is anxiously awaiting her next order!!!

Once again I thank you for all your help and your dedication to Kinoteam!!
Donna Powell


Along with my foot pain, due to neuropathy, is gone, to add to that, I was dealing with those really annoying hot flashes, they are almost gone, and when I do get one, it`s really minor.

1. The other problem I`ve been hassling with is a toe nail fungus and while I was so busy concentrating on my feet, I didn`t notice right away that the fungus was drying up and falling off, they are almost normal now, and I tried everything and the kinotakara did the trick.

I heard from one of the people I signed up, and he was having major foot problems, he was exposed to agent orange. His feet were numb and tingling and the worst pain was in his big toe, well after only one night on the kino patches, the next morning the pain was gone. His big toe was so sensitive and painful, he couldn`t stand a sheet on it and he said,"It`s 40 degrees here in Fla." and I`m cold. He has been suffering with this pain for several years and when he woke up the next morning and the pain was gone, he said "I haven`t felt this good in years!" He said they are still a little numb, but he can live with that and after all he said it was only his first night using the patches, I sent this in for him, his name is Ken Cowan, because he doesn`t have a computer or a fax.
Carol Chang

I wanted to update you on my husband`s shoulder pain. He has bursitis in the right shoulder and was taking anti-inflammatory pills prescribed two weeks ago. He also had a large mass growing under the skin by his left shoulder blade so the surgeon said it needed to be removed. The doctor said to stop taking the anti-inflammatory until the surgery. The right shoulder grew more painful each day until the surgery on Friday, January 31, and when I took my husband home after the out-patient surgery, I put a patch on the right side, where all the bursitis is. When he woke up Saturday morning, the patch was very full and dark and I asked him what his pain level was. "Not too bad, on either shoulder." He had taken one pain pill at 10:00 p.m. before he went to sleep and ten hours later, he could move the bursitis shoulder with no pain and the surgery side shoulder was not throbbing. I am going to put on more patches each night and day and I will keep you updated on his healing process. (The tumor on the back is a fatty tissue tumor and the doctor said it didn`t look or act like cancer. We will have
the pathology report next week.)

My husband has been diagnosed with terminal cancer and is quite often in pain from it. With the encouragement from a friend, I joined the Kinoteam and tried the patches on my husband to see what or if we could get any results from them.

I have to say just how impressed the two of us are with them. His knees and bones hurt him quite often but after using the patches on him the results were amazing.  I put one patch on each foot when he went to bed and the next morning they were completely soaked with toxins from his body. The best part is that he was not hobbling around as he normally does. He was up walking normal and playing with our two young children all day long. I love these things. They have given my husband renewed strength to carry on with day to day to day living. I know that the cancer may not go away but what help they (the Kino-pads) are in relieving the pain he has throughout his body.

Praise the Kinotakara pads!!
Mrs.Cherie Bell

My name is Dorothy Heinlein and this is my testimony.
I have had 2 hip replacements on the same hip and for the last 6 months have had a very painful groin injury. The doctors just say it takes a long time to heal such an injury. I have been using alterative methods and going to physical therapy up to 3 hrs a week, where we make some progress. I use crutches often. So when a friend said to use these patches and good things might happen I almost didn't try them as it just sounded to simple.

 I put one pad on my left foot, the side where the groin pain is. The next morning the pad was very dark and after I took my shower I walked into the living room where a peppy little song Wake Up Little Susie was playing and I started moving to the music doing a few turns and a couple of old jitterbug steps. Then I realized what had just happened and called {yelled} to my husband, Bill, to come and see. He could not believe what he was seeing. After my 3rd pad the groin pain is GONE!!!  Now after my 5th pad the bone pain in my other hip that the doctor thinks I should replace is feeling so much better I am able to sleep on it and anyone with hip pain knows what a relief that is.  My therapist is very excited and wants to join and says the first person she is going to have try it is her mother who also does physical therapy.
Dorothy Heinlein

I have a couple of early testimonials on the energy and drawing power of Kinotakara.

I received my kinotakara packets a few days ago and gave some to a friend to try. He has a Bad back lower disc and nerve pain put them on his feet. He called me this morning and told me the Packet's came off ugly and brown, just as mine have too. He also told me that he had (other pain medicinal patches his doctor gave him on his arm). They were on his arm, which was a comfortable area for him to wear the "Time Control” little at a time-release medicine his doctor gave him.

Well about an Hour after putting on the Kinotakara packets, his arm started to hurt where the "other doctors patch was", then started to burn so bad, he took them off and was left with a red rash mark. He said this has never happened before, but now with the Kinotakara packets on it "speeded up" the release of his other medicine by drawing through his body. That is a real positive sign of Kinotakara's drawing and absorbing power.
I have had them for 2 nights on my feet with some ugly looking packets also. I also had one on my shoulder area (Painful Bicep tendon for 3 month's) during the day and I kept it on last night. After about 1 Hour I had a new sensation. I was accustom to the nice tingle and warm feeling you get from the packets, but this was a very hot feeling, very similar to bengay or a hot balm. Wow what energy was flowing and this was going through a pad that was already 12 hours old. My bicep tendon after 2 days is about 70% better and my sleep couldn't feel any more restful. During the day so far no lags in energy, just feel real "refreshed" and clear!






A few days ago, on Thursday afternoon, our friend Barbra stopped by to visit. She was having excruciating pain in her left shoulder, down her arm, and across her back. She was actually crying, the pain was so great. My wife, Dorothy, put a heating pad on her shoulder, which helped a little.

We had purchased a box of Kinotakara pads from a friend and gave her a couple of them. On Thursday night she put a pad on her shoulder and left it overnight. There was very little coloration of the pad the next morning, so she moved it to her left foot and left it on all day Friday. This time, the pad came out with a very dark stain. She was feeling better all day Friday, but when she woke up on Saturday morning, the severe shoulder, arm, back and chest pains were back. She waited until 2:30 PM, Sunday afternoon to put the second pad on her left foot. In a few hours, the pain started easing, and by 8:30 P.M. it was completely gone! She got a good night`s sleep for the first time in three weeks. .Today, Monday, still without pain, she called to tell us the good news. She was ecstatic! A while later, she came over to sign up as a distributor.

I have Parkinson`s disease, and my feet are sore, swollen and purple. After I used two pads on each foot, the purple turned to pink, and my feet were a bit less swollen. I have ordered seven boxes of pads ("get one free" deal) and I`m looking forward to using more pads on my feet as soon as the order arrives.

I`m impressed with the product and thank the Good Lord for it!

William (Paul) Smith
I have a testimonial.   I`m a singer.  I got a sore throat so bad that it also seemed like it was going to turn into a very bad case of the flu.  I had to sing on the weekend.  I put the patches on the area of my foot that corresponds to the throat and neck area and over night my sore throat and other symptoms of the flu were gone.  I went and did my problem!

Edwina Flynn
Member Kinoteam
Last night my daughter was complaining that an ingrown toenail seemed to have become infected.  Her entire foot hurt and the toe was red and swollen. She was limping around and could not tolerate any kind of shoe.

Remembering reading the story of the diabetic woman with the infected leg and foot, we washed her foot thoroughly, dried it and I wrapped a Kino pad around it using medical tape.  In the morning the kino pad was completely soiled and her foot back to normal.  You would never have known she had any problem at all.

She clumped around in her clogs all day and went off to a friend`s house this evening.  That is after last night when she was beginning to think she was going to lose her foot!!

I know we would have eventually solved it with other methods—but this was so fast--and saved her from what might have been days of discomfort and inconvenience.

These pads are indeed wonderful!

Nancy Webster

I have had some great results with Kinotakara, but last night tried something and was amazed at the results! In 1998 I had an injury to my middle finger and I was diagnosed with "reflex muscular dystrophy” in that finger due to the injury. Most of the time my finger is pretty numb to the touch, yet I have a lot of pain deep inside of it and it gets real cold. I have sensations in it like (your foot does when it is asleep). My finger has never returned to its normal size since the injury and I have not been able to wear the ring on it that I wore for a long time. I also have a lot of pressure feeling in the finger. I had told my husband many times that I just wish I could poke a hole in it and drain all the blood and maybe it would feel better. I said all of that to say this. Last night I wrapped a patch around my finger and went to bed. It was a pad that I had used a few days ago on my side but it wasn`t soiled. Within a few minutes I felt like someone was pulling on my finger, and I could feel the moisture in the patch. All during the night I was awakened to these weird sensations in my finger. This morning the patch was so yucky that my husband (hee hee) actually gagged when he saw it. I can tell a difference in the size and I have more feeling in it than I have had since the injury. I am going to continue to use the patch and hopefully my finger will return to normal!

Love and Prayers
Linda Carol Whitney
Heart To Heart Ministries

Ok, Dan, doubting Thomas here is ready to give my testimony. I had to be certain before I tried to sell this to anyone or tell many people bout it.  When I saw the stuff in the packet that I used, I told my friend, who was here when I took it off,  "Well, I want to get it analyzed. Anyone could put something in a packet like this and make it turn colors from heat and moisture. I had all intentions of buy some and putting warm water in one and wrapping it in a heating pad and leaving it for 10 hours. Those WERE my intentions, but now I don`t have to.

I am living proof for myself that they work. I have fibrocystic disease in my breast. Any time I lay on my couch on my stomach I had to make sure my breast when down in-between the soft cushions or it felt like WASP stings.

Also, I have fibromyalgia and to put a finger down on certain places on my body also felt like WASP stings. Many people have gotten hit by grabbing a hold of me because it hurt.
I cannot say I have more energy but I can tell you, the soreness is gone and I can push all over me with one finger tip and it does not hurt. I have infected gums from not being able to go to the dentist. I could not stand any pressure under my chin or on my jawbone. It felt like boils and now I can sit and push and push and there is no pain.

I was so happy. I got on the phone and I have called everybody I know, though most could not understand because I was crying so hard. Anyway, I thank you, I thank God, I thank whoever invented this and anyone that had anything to do with my being able to use it.

I know it works. I am so anxious to get a bunch. I will stay in contact and let you know how it goes.

I told my friend, "push here and she said, "Why, when you know you are going to scream" and I said "No, that is it, I won`t scream, it don`t hurt, Look, and I would just punch all over me and she watch so she punched around on me and now she is ready to order some because she knows no one could even hug me without me crying. It hurt so badly.

Thank you, thank you, and thank you so much for this fabulous product. I have never in my life been a sales person and have never even tried but I want to try and clue people in to this wonderful miracle.

Three people have ask me if they could buy it and I said, "No, not yet" I won`t try and sell it until I know it works. But...hey.... IT WORKS...I AM LIVING PROOF and when people can come around me and punch on me and hug me and me not yell, I can sell it.  Everybody needs this product if it works for everyone like it worked for me.

I have cried half the day because I am so happy.  My friend says when she came in and tears were rolling down my face, "I just knew your mom had died"  (she is real sick) and I told her they were tears of joy.  Can you imagine how good it feels to push where once was nothing but excruciating pain and now there is none. I could not even sit on a blanket or something without pain.

If you have ever busted a vein in your finger, then you know what kind of pain I am talking about because that is how it felt in my breast and at all the tender points of my body.   Now I will tell everybody that comes over, "Push here, push here and even push here.  I know it won`t hurt.  

I have been diagnosed with fibromyalgia, Graves Disease, COPD and RSD and I am going to pray it will heal them all. I cannot get outside, cannot breathe smells without a mask and have to use a breathing machine so after I have used my boxes, I will contact you with the new results. I only used two so far, one on each foot.
How amazing this is!

Thank you,
Donna Cornett.
I simply would like to share my experience with using these amazing patches. My name is Justin Carroll.  I am 26 years old and I live in Albuquerque, NM. On February 5th, 2001, I fell 75 feet from a ski lift. As a result, I crushed my right heel to the point that surgery was not an option, and all that could be done was form the fragmented pieces into a heel and cast it. My left ankle had to be reconstructed with screws and a bolt. My left lower leg was broken so badly, they had to install an external fixator in order to allow healing. I also sustained six pelvic fractures and two compression fractures in my spine. It goes without saying, the recovery was long and painful. Now, here I am two years later and I am haunted with the fact that I will suffer with chronic arthritis in both ankles. Just walking around the house on padded, carpet floors is painful. I have tried many sorts of medication for pain relief only to come to the realization that I would just have to live with pain every time I walked too far or played too hard with my nephews. At 26 I had accepted this and tried to do the best I could,..... until now!  My father told me about the Kinotakara packets and how they were working for other people. So last night, not expecting a miracle, I decided to give them a try. I placed 1 packet on the sole of each foot before going to bed. When I woke up this morning, I didn’t limp when I got out of bed. Then my phone rang, and without thinking, I hopped right up and darted across the house to get my phone. Only after I hung up the phone, did I understand what I had just done. I moved without pain!  I am so excited about my new future. I can't wait to see what happens when I use the packets for more than one night.
Justin Carroll
I have had arthritis for over 29 years, even as a young person I remember lots of pain in my ankles. I have taken herb for about 11 years and I must say they really helped a lot.  Before herbs I was in constant severe pain night and day, but with herbs it was tolerable and my hands begin to straighten out. But the company, sold out and quit making the product I was using. So I was trying different combinations and slowly the arthritis was coming back and I was hurting more and getting more crippled again. Well I was told about kinotakara and how it would draw the pain out, with these patches. Thought it was worth a try and 5 days later...WOW!!!!! NO PAIN FROM ARTHRITIS ANY MORE. NOW I MUST SAY I’VE BEEN WATCHING WHAT I EAT AND DRINKING LOTS OF WATER. SO  I’m SURE THAT HELPED IT WORK THAT FAST.  I`m sure it will do the trick if you stick to it a little while. It sure is good to be without the pain.


I would just like to tell you that I have personally used the Kinotakara sachet and had wonderful results over night. First of all I have Rheumatoid Arthritis in my right foot where my toes are all turning sideways, and gout in my left foot "Ouch". I have had 3 sessions in the Q 2 machine at $25.00 per session ( I was told it would detoxify my body ). Well, it felt good soaking my feet for 20 minutes but the pain did not go away. Then I tried 3 sessions of Acupuncture at $50.00 per session, I`m sure it helped me somewhere but the pain never left my feet. Then I tried the Kinotakara, two sachets (one on the bottom of each foot)at a cost of $3.00 US for each sachet. The next morning I was pain free for the first time in months, and the pain never came back for 5 days. I don`t know how this product works but I am very pleased that it did help me to the point that I can wear shoes again.

Bye for now,
Warmest regards,
Mary Nelson
Great testimony from Cindy K in South Dakota. I must write my testimony. I have experienced
the warmth and tingling sensation Cindy described. That was within the first two nights of trying the product. What I noticed was I had energy and felt like I did when I was a teenager. And I slept very soundly -- didn`t awake two and three times in a night as I had did normally. My pads also too were very wet and a dark brown color. Kinotakara is great!!! I want to tell everybody I know (and don`t know) about this wonderful product!

Vickie J.
I have a testimony in regards to the patches.
Here it is:

When we had received the Kinotakara Patches, my wife had fallen from a ladder and hurt her right shoulder, back area and the lymph glands under her arm had swollen. I put a patch on the most painful area of her back that day and that night she admitted that the pain was much less then it had been, but not entirely gone. So that night I put a patch on her right foot since it was her right side that was bothering her then that next day she said it was much better but not entirely free from pain. Then that next night I put the patch on her right foot again and that next day she said the pain was completely gone and the swelling in the lymph glands under her arm was completely gone. I truly believe that these patches are a God send for people that have a lot of pain. I myself , I am 82 years old and was diagnosed with skin cancer on my right ear lobe. They did a biopsy to make sure it was cancerous which the report came back as Melanoma Skin Cancer. I started putting these patches on my feet faithfully every night for about two weeks. I just went back to the Doctor Jan. 16, 2003 and he was amazed that the ear is completely healed no more open sore or weeping liquid coming from the ear. I truly believe that the only thing that I had done different was to use these patches so I know that there is something to the patches to make the change in my health.

I also have a second testimony in regards to the patches is that I have macular degeneration in my right eye but the left eye had 20/40 vision when tested two months ago. In the mean time I broke my glasses and had to return to the eye doctor to have my eyes retested and he could not believe the results of my testing this time for my left eye tested 20/20 now. I believe that these patches have also helped my eye sight.

Jim L. Travis


1. ‘Hey’ it’s never too late to feel great, even at 48! I live a fairly healthy life style. I don’t smoke or drink alcohol or use illegal drugs of any kind. I can’t even do aspirins or any over the counter painkillers on the market because of my allergies. I don’t consume caffeine. I do believe in using food supplements on a daily basis. I practice Yoga. When I can afford it I get Chiropractic adjustments and Acupuncture treatments.

I have studied toxins for the past 22 yrs., and have gone to great lengths to try to rid my body of them. I use to squeeze 12 fresh lemons into 1 gal. of distilled water, and live only on that for 3 days. It made me very sick, but later I did feel better. Now to lean there is a simple way to rid my body of even more toxins with no pain and no ugly side effects. I am ecstatic! Kinotakara is a Godsend for me!

Starting the fall of 2001, I was accidentally exposed to low levels of Carbon Monoxide poisoning, through a defective old furnace from an old trailer house I was living in, while I was living in Wyoming. 5 months later in Jan.’02, I discovered the source of my sickness. and moved. There is not much that Medical Doctors can do to help a person remove carbon monoxide from the human body once you have been exposed. I was left with a high level of pain and pressure behind my eyes for over 1 yr. & 3 mos. After learning about Kinotakara, I had to give it a try to see if it might help relieve my eye pain. TO MY TOTAL SURPRISE AFTER USING THE KINOTAKARA PATCHES FOR ONLY 5 DAYS THE PAIN BEHIND MY EYES IS GONE! I CAN’T BEGIN TO TELL YOU HOW HAPPY I AM. I use the Kino pads a little differently than I have heard anyone else do. I studied the Foot Reflexology Chart and noticed that eyes were located just below our toes. The soles of our feet are a reflection of our whole body. I decided to attach 3 Kino pads on the soles of both of my feet each night for 3 nights. The next morning the pressure pain is gone. “Hooray!’ I am now suggesting to every one I know to purchase 3 boxes of Kinotakara and do a 5 night detox with 6 pads each night. After doing that, there is no doubt in my mind that almost everyone should feel relief from whatever ails. Continuing the detox plan as often as they can afford, hopefully 1 to 2 times per month until they achieve better health.  I was born with 3 birth defects in my back, and had numerous back injuries through my live. I suffer all the time with back pain. After using the Kino pads this pain has been curtailed considerably. I could write another page on this situation, but won’t at this time.

Something else that I have experienced while using the Kinotakara patches that I have NOT heard from anyone else through the testimonials and/or listening to the conference calls. My body releases lots of lymphatic fluid every night. The sachets are ‘over flowing’ every morning. Even after using 6 pads per night. I believe it is because I drink a gal. or more of pure water each day. The very first night I tried the Kino pads I only used one pad on the sole of each foot. After I had the pads on approx. 2 hrs., I noticed a warm sensation where the pads were located. The `tingling` sensation started from my toes and went all the way up my legs to my hips. This ‘energy rush’ lasted for 2 hrs. Each time I have used the Kino Sachets, the response has been the same my legs ‘tingle’ like crazy for 2 hrs. I am unable to go to sleep until after the tingling has quit. Then I am super relaxed and fall fast asleep. It is really ‘wild’! There is NO way that this product has had a ‘placebo’ effect on me. As I say to date, I have never heard anyone else talk about ‘tingling’ in there legs or recovery from carbon monoxide poisoning. This product is for real!

Cindy K. South Dakota
I have a great testimony for my 75 year old mother, Claire. I got the patches and gave them to my mother to try because she has been so ill for 4 weeks and could not walk around or even do simple housework. She put the pads on her feet just before bedtime and the next morning she called me on the phone and told me to get over her house right away. I ran over and to my amazement her kitchen was not only clean but she had rearranged it, her bedroom was immaculate, her livingroom was in shipshape and she had not taken `ANY" of her morphine medication at all!! She told me she had been up since 5 AM and had no pain in her legs or back and was for the first time clear headed and had no disorientation in months!! She wanted me there to pull off the patches.

Well I was prewarned by my sponsor that I might see some pretty gross stuff especially if someone was highly toxic. Well I pulled off the patches and to my amazement there was pus & even blood on the patches. It was clear to me that this was pulling out toxins and cleaning her bad blood. I have never seen anything work on my mother this intense. She was very active for the next 5 days. We only had one sample to try and she said, :Go get some more of these patches right away!!" I have ordered much more of this product. I have tons of people giving me incredible testimonies on this product & thought you should all know about this. I have systemic Lupus, Fibromyalgia, Asthma & DVT, (Bloodclots). I ordered some for me & cannot wait to see my results. I used a health product that helped me to some extent but I need more help. I was just told I might have a blockage to my heart so I will keep you posted. Thank You Beverly for not giving up on me. Zayna
Dan...was mentioned to me by Guy...when I recounted to him that being a type 1 diabetic (insulin dependent) that my blood sugar was lowered substantially and I had to re-adjust my insulin intake...while using the Kinotakara pads....that I should tell you guys about perhaps show other diabetics with the same condition that the pads do affect blood sugar levels.  Incidentally, I`ve been a diabetic for over 50+ years, so I personally can attest to this benefit from the pads.

I don`t know if you knew one of the reasons I signed up for kinotakara, but I have suffered with neuropathy of the feet for the past ten years, I had worked at an oceanarium here in Hawaii for 25 years as a trainer of marine mammals and was always barefoot on the cold cement lugging 50 lbs of fish around and now its payback time. I have had two foot operations, have been to every known type of doctor, I even had back surgery (not for my feet), but they thought it might help, it did not. Sooo, I have always been up for trying anything that might help me, and I just got my product day before yesterday, put the patches on a at bedtime and when I got up the next morning, the patches were BLACK&SLIMY, who knows what was coming out of this ole bod, but the AMAZING thing is my feet did not hurt, the circulation seems to be returning and the horrible pain I have had to live with everyday was gone, I was able to stay on my feet all day instead of having to get off them at around 3 in the afternoon,. I have been on oxycontin for about four years, plus a battery of other pills at night. I could hardly wait to go to bed last night and today when I got up my feet are even better, they are still a little numb, but hey, I can live with that. too good huh?

My son Ryan had someone slam his ring finger in his locker door..It didn`t look to bad at school and because Ryan is autistic he doesn`t feel pain like you or I do. It has to be knee bending before he starts feeling it. So he refused ice at school for it. By the time he got home it was swelling, finger nail was getting black and swollen and doing that pressure throbbing under the nail. I told Ryan I had two choices. To burn a hole in his nail with a paperclip to release the pressure building under the nail, (knew he wouldn`t let me do that, it hurt to much) or I could wrap it in a KINO pad and see if it would suck the building fluid out of his finger.. Well Dan..4 pads later, and they filled to the max in less than an hour each, I left the last one on over night, did the trick..It pulled the building fluids out of the finger and from under the nail, relieving him of that throbbing pain. He will still lose the nail, it is still black and sore to touch, but it stopped me from having to make a hole in his nail to release the building fluid under the nail. COOL huh?

Definitely a box of KINO pads in ones first aid kit would be a MUST!!! Especially if you have kids..I am going to the school nurse (already talked to them about this.) with a packet and a pad and see if the school would be interested in keeping some on hand!! Wish it had killed that wort on his finger too..I almost thought it had.

I have an accountant (diabetic) that is going into her busy season with an infected big toe that has spread through her foot and going up into her leg.  The Doctors are advising to remove the foot.  I went to see her on Tuesday taking a box of Kinotakara patches.  I showed her Kinotakara patches, recommended her to try them a couple of days before she goes to the hospital.

Just before I was leaving she said, "come here and put the patches on." She took off her diabetic shoe and showed me her leg, foot and toe. I wrapped a kinotakara patch around the big toe and placed a Kinotakara patch on the bottom of the foot. Five minutes later she says, "that is warm". I said it is starting to work. I left and called back the next morning to talk to her and she said that the infection was out of the leg (just some swelling left) and the infection in the foot was going down and the big toe had burst open but was much better. We talked about continuing the Kinotakara patches on the bottom of the feet for now to continue getting all that toxin out.  I sent her another box that next day priority mail and ordering her another. She does about 123 nurses income taxes plus many others. She loves her clientele and will be doing much talking. We saved her leg and foot and just might save that toe too. It is a little soon to tell on the toe.

Secondly, my husband has a good friend that went through the Vietnam War and was exposed to agent orange, plus now he is a welder for a large furnace company. He is diabetic also. His diabetes, the agent orange, metals that were left from wounds in Vietnam in back, and buttock, plus the welding fumes have some what incapacitated his being able to get around well. Quite stoved up but can`t quit work and has two young daughters. He could not lift his arm above his head anymore and was always dropping tools and products he was working on. He did not like to go out to eat for would drop his utensils, etc. Well, put the first patches on his each shoulder on Tuesday night and his feet. Now he goes to work like at 4 a.m. left the patches on, he ran into say goodbye to his mother next door that morning swinging his arms over his head.  Mom said, watch out you are going to be in pain all day after doing this. He said Mom I have been doing this for 30 minutes I can`t believe it. He wore the patches till he came home about 6 PM on Wednesday. Stories from work were, "what has happened you didn`t drop anything today". "And what is that mess on your back." He tried to explain and the guys said that if they weren`t afraid they would try the patches." I bet LeRoy gets them to try as they see him improving.

Update on the Agent Orange person:

I talked with the man with the agent orange yesterday and here is a little more information that he shared with me:

He went to the hospital to have some of the open sores on his body analyzed.  He has pimple like sores that spew puss and a yellow and orange acid substance.  The nurse took samples and after the doctor tested the samples, the doctor asked what dead person these samples came from?  She replied... he is sitting over there.

He thanked me again for sharing the kinotakara with him and expressed how much better he feels since using the pads.  


One man in Louisiana that has Agent Orange and he has been dealing with this chemical situation since Viet Nam said the following about the kinotakara:

Greetings, My Friend!

The product you sent worked extremely well.  Thank you for sending it.  I would recommend your product to anyone who suffers from pain or illness.  Due to chemical exposure over a period of time, I have toxins that have built up in my system over the years.  This has resulted in a variety of symptoms including pain, swelling, digestive discomfort, skin lesions as well as a host of others.  I applied the pads to the soles of my feet every night.  After the first night I felt a difference.  I actually felt lighter and less sluggish.  Energy levels were better in my entire body and pain was less. This increase of health continued with each application.  My thanks to you and the ones who have made this remarkable product.

My husband is diabetic and his feet and legs have hurt for 3 years. His diabetes has not been under good control do to other circumstances not in his control. Four days ago we received the Kinotakara Patches and started using them on the bottom of our feet at night. The next morning the patches were full of greenish, brownish yucky with black flacks and bloody serum.  If you looked at the acupuncture areas that the drainage came from it looked like the lungs, liver, gallbladder and colon. Very interesting. The next two nights basically the same, though his feet do not hurt all the time now. Christmas night after walking home in the snow (We were snowed in in Missouri for Christmas) looked at his feet only to notice that the left little toe was deep red with a hard core and streak going up his foot about an inch. Looked at the shoes he wore and they are too tight on that toe, start of a bad infection. In May and June we had the same problem with the little toe and it took 5 weeks to cure it with soaks, draw medicine, Herb wraps, etc. Last night we placed a Kinotakara Patch over that toe and the streak on the top side and around the bottom of the foot. Today that toe has lost the infectious core, drained greenish yuk and is a beautiful normal pink toe again. Thank you, thank you for these God given Kinotakara patches. By the way was talking with a friend and asked if she would like to see the testimonies that we have and she said NO the testimony of Dennis`s feet is enough for her. Thanks again. P.S. Also, my feet and legs don`t hurt any more either. December 26, 2002.

Jeanne Logan

 My husband had replacement hip surgery in April, due to many years of top-level squash and tennis; he had totally worn away the cartilage.  After the surgery, which was totally successful (he is back playing tennis) he had severe pain in his back in the lumbar area and between his shoulders - possibly because of realignment, which aggravated an old back problem - who knows. But even the strongest pain killers, massage, chiropractic adjustments, rolfing, essential oils, (you name it, he tried it,) only gave him temporary relief for a very short period of time. i.e. a few hours.

Anyway, despite great skepticism - he agreed to try the patches!  Day l, we put them on his feet and a small amount of brown appeared on the patches the next morning.  As he was in severe pain with his back he suggested we put one on his lower back during the day.   It was the lumbar region of his back, and we did not realize that the belt on his pants would restricted the contents of the patch, but one half of the patch was dark brown when we took it off.  For some reason, he did not want to use the patches at night again. (Probably because we only had one box at the time, he felt they would be more beneficial on his back.)  The following morning we put one patch in the same area of his lower back and one up between his shoulder blades.  These were probably on for about 12 hours and when we took them off that night - my goodness, they were full of dark brown "gunk" - don`t know how else to describe it - it was amazing!  I asked him how the pain was; he said still there but it had taken the edge of it and so he was able to cope with the pain better.                                                 

The next day we did the same thing and this time, there was hardly anything on the patches.  I said - well how is the pain and he said I am totally pain free!!!  And he has been ever since which is now ten days ago! However they work, these patches work - and the moral to the story is NEVER only order one or two boxes, because once the toxins start coming out of your body, you don`t want to stop until the patches are clear!!!

For me, just putting the patches on my feet - the first night, there was a little on the patches and then this gradually increased and by the fourth night there was quite a lot - and for me being a reflexologist, it was very interesting to see the pattern that the "toxins" followed on my feet ie. relating to all the reflexes in  what I call the "plumbing areas" on both feet. On the fifth day, there was much less on the patches - and then we ran out of patches!!!!!!!  I also noticed that a problem with my eyes that I had been having has cleared up too and my vision is once again clear.

As I said before, order enough - don`t run out before the job is complete!! I personally think that the effect is cumulative too, the first time; you may not get very much on the patches, but keep going and see what comes out!

Orchard Park, NY.

Testimonial:  The Kino patches are great for me in my 65th year.  I am still enjoying new treats/happy surprises from them and have only just opened the third box.  At first they were difficult to apply due to limited range of motion in my knees.  After the first few applications my legs worked some better and today they have almost full range of motion, bending on demand.  The background knee pain that I had grown accustomed to (and ignored) disappeared immediately upon using the first patch.  No big deal, but nice.  With a few more patches I noticed the real pain upon walking more than a few steps was diminishing so I could comfortably walk farther before the pain hits, but with a little less severity each day.   Very Good.  

Also a painful and definitely unsightly cold sore type thing -- you know, the one that looks like your lipstick smeared -- at a corner of my mouth really disappeared the first night without leaving a trace.  Very nice.  

The next thing I noticed that some vague scleral icterus (yellowing) was clearing, a true indication of reversing liver toxicity.  My eyeballs are white where they are supposed to be now!  A very, very good thing.  

And speaking of eyes, for a week or so I have been aware that my reading glasses were more and more just a nuisance when on my face, not actually needing them for close viewing.   So, as in the past, they have either been parked on my head, slung around my neck or put in a pocket, unless required for up close reading.  The telling thing came today when I drove my car without the special sun glasses, the ones with a bifocal magnifying lens built in so I could read the instrument panel while driving.  I could read the whole panel without my glasses!

A few days ago I discovered still another part of my web site, read it, and was delighted to find the suggestion to step on prepared patches to apply.  Well.  After making like a pretzel to put on patches when I couldn`t really even reach my feet, this certainly clicked with me.  So, for the very next set of patches, I showered, dried my feet, prepared two patches, put them face up on the bathroom rug, and carefully just stepped onto each patch.  Wow.  It worked beautifully, easily.  Only a light touch was required on the sides of each foot to complete the patch job.  And, of course, the pads went on more smoothly with the contents of each dry sachet more evenly distributed using the "Step on It" method.  This is what I recommend to everyone now: shower and step on it.

Although I am at less than the half way point of a month`s detoxification, the improvement in my bodily systems continues daily, leading to great anticipation of the wonders to come using Kinotakara.  Stay tuned...there may be more good things to report....Cheers!


Hello!  I have witnessed so much pain relief and healing with Kinotakara in the last 5 or 6 weeks in people that I know, but I decided I needed to write about my own personal experiences.  I am fairly healthy, but have a few conditions Kinotakara has helped me with.  First, I get muscle spasms or "knots" in my neck and upper back area.  I have tried lots of muscle relaxers and anti-inflammatory medicine but when it`s really bad, nothing helps.  I place Kinotakara right on the pain site and within 20 minutes, I have complete pain relief!  That will last until my next one, which could be another week or so.  I am doing a full detoxification to hopefully relieve me of these for good.  I also get cystic acne-like bumps on my jaw-line.  They are hard, about the size of a pea and very deep. They can last six weeks or more and none of the topical prescription medicine has helped, except going to the dermatologist and getting them individually injected with cortisone (ouch!).  I put Kinotakara on some of these bumps at 6pm.  I checked at 10pm and it was turning the pad brown in a dot pattern that matched the pattern of my bumps!  I left it on overnight and by morning, the bumps were shrunk by 70%. I did it again the next night, and they were flat by morning.  Again, I am hoping that a full detoxification will rid me of this problem as well.  I have noticed more breakouts during this process and I think the toxins are not only coming out through my feet, but also through my facial pores.  

Now, when my 6 1/2 yr old son got a runny nose just before we were to go out of town, I knew I had to try it on him.  If he gets a runny nose, like clockwork it will turn into a sinus infection and then bronchitis.  I did one foot first and couldn`t believe what came out of him. The next 4 nights I did both feet and his were worse than mine!  He played outside, made snow angels and never got the first sign of infection, and the runny nose cleared up too.  He is around second hand smoke a lot and I think that may also have been why his sachets were so dirty.  Thanks for saving our vacation and keeping him fever and infection free!!!!

Angela H., Nashville, TN

I tried the patches for the first time last night and got one patch up side down. I was putting them on in the dark so as not to wake my wife. Any way the, the patch that was on the sole of my left ankle, was a blackish slimey brown. This ankle has been diagnosed with sevre arthrities. My ankle has never felt this good first thing in the morning, since I can`t remember when. If these patches work this well, they will be a God send for some people, including myself.

I will be using these on the arthrities in my neck next. I`m very excited about these patches and will continure to use them. I`ll admit, I didn`t except such immediate results.

We have a very large group interested and excited about these patches. The word is going to spread fast.  Feel free to use this as a testimonial. I am not impressed easily. This isn`t my first rodeo! Thanks, Mitch.

Updated testimony,
for Ellie Christe,
Sedona, AZ

History:  In 1954, at age 18, I contacted Serum Jaundice and was hospitalized for 3 1/2 weeks.  I have never felt that I ever reached complete recovery.  Over the years since then I have been somewhat tired most of the time but not bad enough to restrict my activities to any major degree.

In March of 1987, while living in Hawaii, I was in a major head on collision , trapped in the car and suffered 7 fractures. I went into immediate surgery and spent 3 weeks in the hospital.  In the following 3 years I had 6 surgeries and started feeling extremely exhausted all the time with pain throughout the body and allergic rashes over the major portion of the upper body.  The medical community could not find anything wrong with me except that the Immune System had somehow been compromised.  Four years later, after being referred to every specialist in Hawaii and spending 35,000 in testing, my doctor said there was no point in coming back as they could not help even though they knew I was very ill but they just did not know how to help me.

A few months later, July 1991, I found out about the Environmental Health Center in Dallas TX.  I spent 2 weeks there and was told that because of the compromised Immune System I was not detoxing chemicals and it was these chemicals that were causing my illness. I was also diagnosed with Fibramyalgia.  I was tested for every imaginable source of allergens and given Antigens for 87 different agents and sent home to Hawaii to give myself shots every day.  One the the agents I was really reacting to was molds and since I was living in Mold City my recovery was very slow.  I did start to feel a little better though as they did educate me about chemicals and what to do to protect myself.  The antigens were helping the various allergies.

6 month later I felt I just could not continue to live in Hawaii with the molds, poor quality of air from the volcanoes and the increasing heat and humidity that I was becoming particularly intolerant to, and I put my house up for sale.

I arrived in Arizona in Aug of 1993.  I could not walk a block and was always looking for a chair.  It has taken all these years to recover.  Every time I hear about anything that is good for the Immune System I am immediately on it.

When Dene sent an email about this new product from Japan that would detox the body, I wasted no time in signing up.  I would have told you that I felt just fine and I really thought I did.  I have for years walked and sat with a rather pronounced slump.  I just did not have the energy to keep the body in an upright position, especially since the 1987 accident. My knees were smashed in the accident and I do not have a knee cap on the left knee.  In Aug of this year I was moving heavy boxes up and down stairs which caused the left knee to become very swollen and painful.  It was getting much better but I still could not stretch the leg out in bed at night and had pain walking up and down stairs.

The very first night on the Kinotakara pads my left knee was 80% better and completely better 4 days later. I could stretch the leg in bed with no pain whatsoever but still had some pain walking up and down stairs.  I have been on the product now for 30 days and there is hardly any pain left when walking the up and down the stairs.

Shortly after starting on Kinotakara I began to feel some wonderful things happening to my body and sure enough I was standing , walking and sitting much straighter.  At about 10 to 12 days I got up one morning and had so much energy that I felt like a million dollars.  YES, I wanted to shout to the world - this product does work. My `senior moments` and memory losses are getting so much better.  Two weeks ago I went for a walk, willingly, on one of the mountain trails close to my home, something I haven`t done for almost a year.  I started off at a brisk pace, kept up the pace and a walk that usually took me 70 minutes, I did it in 50.  I feel terrific and can hardly wait until I am completely detoxed.  Life has meaning again.

Thank you Kinotakara for giving my life back to me.

Ellie Christie

I have rheumatoid arthritis that was carried over from my childhood and was offered two knee replacements as the medical solution.   I am now 53 and this little body is already 4’9" and I don’t intend to get any shorter.  I have been walking with crutches with the knee pain for 3 years.

After using Kinotakara patches for 2 days I noticed the shift in energy and then after 3 days of using them I went out shopping without the crutches, didn’t even remember them because I had no pain and I just felt much better.

I intend to continue to Detox my body with Kinotakara( also my mind to remove the mental toxins).

Rejoice Muhammad

I have found the Kinotakara patches to be the most incredible product that I have ever used.  Firstly, those on my feet come off a dark greenish-brown and very sticky.  Even after 8 applications they are still the same, perhaps a little lighter in color. I had injured my lower back while lifting water in a bucket and my muscles were very sore, hurting whenever I moved-- especially when I bent over.  I applied one patch directly to the sorest area (making sure that it was in full contact with my skin) and within 30 minutes, there was no pain!   When I removed that patch 9 hours later, it as brown and sticky as well.  I find that I am feeling better each day and I have felt the patches pulling in some of my joints.  I know that they are freeing up my movement, particularly in my neck area.  I have found I can turn my head much easier when backing the car out.  I am also sleeping better at night as I no longer have pain in my shoulders!

--Marjorie Leggett

I was introduced to kinokatara about 6 weeks ago and was intrigued when I watched the videotape and heard the testimonials. I am a true believer in holistic and alternative medicine. I decided to sign up as a distributor on the spot. I was thrilled when my pads were delivered. I consider myself and children healthy and thank God for that, but I wanted to help others. One day my children and I were out in the cold raking leaves. Of course the kids did more playing than raking. When I gave the children their baths I  noticed my 2 year-old daughter, Aryana, felt quite warm and when I finished dressing her she had her blow her nose.  Her nose had started running badly.   When I took her temperature it read 102.  I decided that rather than give her the normal dose of Tylenol I would put one pad on her foot. One very nice thing is that she didn't fight me at all like children sometimes do when taking oral medications. I gave her a sippy cup full of water and then sat down to rock her to sleep.   To my absolute amazement she went right to sleep and within 5 MINUTES of placing the pad on her foot, Aryana's fever was gone. She slept with the pad on her foot all night and in the morning her runny nose was gone too! Thank you so very much for bringing this wonderful product to the United States!

--Amy Talbott
The evening that I was introduced to Kinotakara toxin patches I had an inflammed red watering eye, my vision was poor and it was one more thing added to my long-term chronic health problems. Within two days of starting to use the toxin patches, both eyes were clear, my vision was excellent--better than ever--and my eye no longer watered! It was just so unbelievable that I immediately knew that I would love to add these fabulous patches to my humble range of products and it makes me feel proud and excited that they too safe, pure, and a natural, wholesome, healthful product!


When my partners first told me about the Kinotakara Patches, I couldn't help but feel a bit skeptical.  The first night when I went to put them on my feet, I noticed the instructions also indicated that I could put the patches on other parts of my body.   So I put one on each foot and then one on the side of my neck which had been stiff and sore for some days.  Imagine my surprise when I woke up the next morning--not only with pain in my neck gone, but with my full range of motion restored. Who would have thought? All I can say is, get me more of that stuff! I am sold!


Good morning!!! I have good things to report already..Mother who is 82 and almost crippled by arthritis in her knees and legs, and has diabetes, said after wearing the patches on feet, and knees that she had much less pain and made it to the toilet in the night without having to hang on to the walls and such..She is still stiff, and I told her we need much more time about that, but I do believe we are getting some instant results that have her very impressed!!!
A few hours later......
You wouldn't believe this!!! After only one session putting the.patches on her knees (no toxin removal from there)and on her feet. In  the morning after removing her pads I put the knee patches back on her feet..My mother is 55% more mobile. She is not teeter-tottering and she says she is totally out of pain!!! And just  yesterday she said she wanted to hold up the drug store for pain meds!! They would not give her some that she needed for some reason.

She is so totally convinced that she feels better, she wants to ship some to two of my sisters who have had various problems.   Mother told me she has been running around with wired energy all day doing all kinds of things she has not had the energy to do for weeks.  And that is all just one night and a day of wearing the patches...

 I also put the patches on my son who has bronchitis.  In less than 3 hours the patches were black..I put another set on him and again in 3 to 4 hours they were black and full of toxins.. I am shocked that a 12 year old boy has so many toxins in him!. His bronchitis began to break loose after 2 days of   wearing the patches with only his vitamins and Vitamin C and no antibiotics.

Next, my daughter put one on her foot on the leg with the bad knee. She said it was weird because she could feel the drawing out of the toxins  from her body through that one side. Although it fell off in the night, she said that her bad knee didn't hurt today.  She has terrible period cramps and is putting a patch on her stomach tonight to see if it helps that.

I have asthma, and was getting an allergic reaction caused by bronchitis, and after one night I noticed I am breathing much better and the niggling pain in my chest is just about gone after one use.

This is not only fun, it makes one feel like a zillion dollars to be able to do something nice for someone else who is suffering.

--Vickie Price
# 56
Hello Everyone,
I told you all I would send a testimony after I tried the Kinotakara patches and I had sent one in on my mother, Claire, earlier, who by the way still loves them. Well we had gotten a sample from my friend Beverly and my mother and I both tried them and also my roommate. Well, needless to say we all had excellent results.
I'll tell you a little about my condition. I have Systemic Lupus, Fibromyalgia, both severe cases and Asthma and I have developed DVT (Acute Deep Vein Thrombosis). I am unable to sit doing any activity because the DVT causes me to have blood clots in my legs and groin area, so I must not bend, which means while on the computer I must lay flat with my legs up in the air and I have pain when I walk.  My muscles feel like I bruised them severely and when I would walk, (NOTICE I SAID "WOULD") It would feel like millions of needles sticking me with every step I took. Well, I tried the patches and for the first time since 1987, I have not only been able to walk "PAIN FREE" but I can actually "RUN". Now I tried another product before using Kinotakara, and that product helped me to a certain extent and I still take it, (it is "NOT" a patch product) but the patches were amazing results for me. I must tell you this also. Many people all over the world have sent me products, not only because they knew about my illness, but also because I network pretty heavy. So far I have been sent 5 different patches that claimed to do what the Kinotakara patch "DOES". "NOT ONE" of them did anything for my mother, my roommate nor myself. People may say they worked for them but I believe sometimes it’s a mind thing. But I will tell you this, I am very skeptical when people have told me they have something that claims it helps Lupus or Fibromyalgia and so on. I have tried, not hundreds of products, but thousands of products with little or no relief, and when Beverly told me about Kinotakara, I figured, "Here we go again, another product that will fail. So I took another shot at this. Now I know with some people it will take time for them to get the results that I got, by the way I forgot to mention, my results were overnight, but again I had an incredible amount of "stuff" come out on the patches because I am extremely toxic due to my condition. And my roommates results were good, but not as good as mine and believe you me, he shocked me more than my mother because he believes in absolutely nothing. So this proves to me that everyone is different. And when he took his patches off, and we wore them at the same time, his were not as bad as mine. Mine were heavily soiled and his were not. But I can only say "NO ONE" can tell me this is not real. By the way, I take coumadin for my blood clot problem and they have a terrible time keeping my blood from clotting. Well my doses were 8 mg a day and I had to go to the hospital 3 times a day to get shots in my stomach. Well my dosage has gone down to 4 mg a day and now I only have to go to the hospital once a month. Hmmmmmmm, wonder why????...............And I also get migraines so badly that only a trip to the emergency room to get a shot of demoral or morphine to ease my migraine pain. Well guess what?? Beverly said to use the patch. So I used the patch instead and my migraine went away. What a blessing. Being on coumadin, I cannot take aspirin. Thanks Bev for thinking of my family and myself. I just love you soooo much!!
# 57

Dear Darryl:
I just woke up and I am having no allergy/ sinus related difficulties. I usually need a hefty amount of tissues to get through the morning.  So I am ordering 10 more boxes, if I may?

Looking forward to sharing them!

# 58
Dr. Haggin here again with more exciting news that may seem trivial to some after reading the other testimonials but to someone who has been pretty much housebound for several months, only trekking out for Doctor’s appointments and trying a few errands and having to give up because of pain, fatigue or both after an hour or two. Please appreciate were talking about one of the original "Shop till you Drop Club" ladies so this is perplexing for her.
To the point, in the last two weeks we have been out twice for several hours (4 to 5) where we have run errands, had lunch or dinner out, went grocery and cat food shopping and my wife walked at all places, walking better than she has in months with more energy lasting 2 to 3 times as long on our outings than she has in probably 18 months! To us this is a miracle even though it’s not an instant one like so many of the others. It still goes to fortify the fact "DONT GIVE UP"
I think everyone will respond to Kinotakara if they use it long enough. She had good results with her heel she cut so badly right away but the changes in the Neuropathy have been much slower but they are occurring. Just think if after 3 or 4 boxes we gave up, I just knew if it could do that for her heel it would help her other problems. She has gone thru probably 20 boxes to date and a friend asked me, Kind of expensive huh? My reply was no its dirt cheap, expensive is spending $10 thousand dollars on tests and have a neurologist tell you, there’s nothing wrong with her because he cant figure out what’s causing her pain. And when you point out the muscle degeneration in the bad leg is probably 35% and if he thinks she possibly is imagining that too. When I asked again why the neuropathy and pain, his answer was "Sometimes nerves don’t need a reason to degenerate"
Anyway the great news is that she’s improving, slowly BUT SHE IS IMPROVING!!!  So if you, your loved ones or friends have chronic longstanding problems and they do not have the miraculous success we’re so used to, remember some problems take longer. Some people’s regenerative powers have been taxed to the limit and they are bound to respond more slowly as well.
One last thing, these 4 to 5 hour treks we took to town was taken with "real shoes with real heels on them " This is the first time she’s been able wear shoes with heels since she cut her heel last summer, almost a year ago.
This makes me very happy since she has about 100 pair of shoes I don’t have to replace. That will pay for many boxes of Kino!   Is that Cool or what?
In Health Dr. Jerry & Marian Haggin
I have never written a testimonial on any product before, but I just had to let you know what happened to me.

To digress a little is important, because when I first got the pads and used them, I really wasn't all that impressed. Yes, I got a lot of nasty stuff, but I didn't have all of the increased energy and wonderful results that everyone else was writing in about. I knew that getting all of that garbage out of me was better than leaving it in, so all was well. I had gotten quite a few boxes, so when all of the trouble started with not being able to get them, I gave mine to people that I knew needed them for pain control, etc. I didn't think I had any left, but was very glad to find a box I had misplaced.

Monday, 5-19-03, one of our dogs, who was VERY sick, accidentally bit me while I was giving her something to help her with digestion. Her jaws locked down on my finger for what seemed like forever. The puncture wounds were very deep, and because she was so toxic, my finger swelled up to about twice it's size and turned nearly black almost immediately. The pain was pretty intense! As soon as I could, I soaked it. When the bleeding stopped, and I had given it a reasonable time for the wounds to close over a little, I wrapped a Kino pad around it. Within 10 minutes, the throbbing had stopped, and in about 30-45 minutes, the pad was soaked and all sorts of nastiness was running down into my palm. I used 3 pads in about 3 hours, and then put one on that night and the next. I have had no further swelling, and no true pain--just some tenderness around the puncture wounds. I took 2 days worth of ionic silver--more as a precaution than anything--against a systemic infection, and all is well. I have full range of motion without pain.

I have no doubt that without the help of the Kinotakara, I would have had at the very least a much longer recovery with my finger--even if the results of the trauma had only been local, but just as likely, I would have been fighting much worse. I would not have gone to a Dr., (I haven't been to one in at least 20 years); but I cringe at the thought of what it would have cost me--financially--and in terms of pain, suffering, etc. Yes, the pads DO seem expensive if you just use them routinely and especially if you see no real apparent or significant results, but the $15.00 I spent for those 5 pads was the best money I've spent in a good long time.

I firmly believe that whether anyone chooses to become a distributor or not, that EVERY home should have at least one box of Kinotakara in it. It may seem like a goofy Christmas present, but I know several people who will be getting them this year!

For over 20 years he has had joint pain, redness and swelling. But, it usually attacked only large joints like his knees, elbows, shoulders, wrist, ankles, etc. Occasionally, it would attack his fingers, bottom of his feet, toes, etc. He has been to all kinds of doctors and has been checked for everything from gout, arthritis to Lyme disease. He has had X-rays, ultra sounds, MRI's and CT scans. Very little shows except normal age wear on joints. (He is 55) The Doctors are puzzled. I still believe it is from Agent Orange from when he was in Viet Nam, but the VA won't test him for toxins. He has, also, been a mechanic all his adult life. Working on Helicopters in Viet Nam and now GM vehicles. Always having his hands in chemicals.

The past 3 years, his pain has gotten worse and longer episodes. He has two or more joints swollen and painful almost every day. They, recently tried to draw fluid off to have it tested...there is no fluid! They have had him on many different painkillers, including one with morphine in it. He has been on cortisone and prednisone...nothing is (was) working.

Then a dear friend of ours found the Kino patches and sent us a box to try. (She is one of your distributors.) After the first night, he stopped hurting and has not had any pain since! That is now 8 days ago! He has not gone past one day of hurting for over 3 years...until now!

We know it is an answer to our prayers!

We are going to put his Mom and my parents on them and see if they get the same results!

It truly is a Godsend!