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Alternative health is the use of methods outside the scope of conventional established official medicine, for prevention and maintenance of health, and providing cures without side effects.


Alternative medicine has become so widespread that conventional medicine wants a piece of the alternative health pie. However, their alternatives are just another flavor of the same type of thinking. The cures and means of cancer prevention provided on this website continue to be suppressed, and are not to be found in established alternative medicine, even though they have been shown to be effective.

Health is promoted, not by using drugs to suppress symptoms as conventional medicine, but by giving the body what it needs to stay healthy. This means eating natural pure unadulterated foods, pure water, regular cleanses, diet and exercise according to ones body type, and herbal cures without drugs.

Modern medicine takes unpatentable herbs, removes the active ingredients, and then patents and sells them as therapies, cures, or treatments. Removing the active ingredient is like removing the intelligence and leaving behind the wisdom. Scientists do not have the divine intelligence to see the effects of their actions, so most drugs have undesired side effects; why do we pay them to do this?

All diseases are caused by:

What you eat (and don't eat)
What you drink
What you breathe
Whether you smoke or chew tobacco
What the doctors do to you (drugs, chemotherapy, surgery, radiation, other toxins)
What is injected into you (mosquitoes, vaccines)
What is done to your teeth (toxic mercury fillings, root canals)
Having sex with the wrong person

Food should be 80% alkaline reacting, and 20% acid reacting; this is the method for the prevention of cancer. Disease is caused by eating that which is not food, that which is inappropriate to your body type, that which is adulterated, or eating a non-alkaline diet over a long period of time.

Poisons and toxins should be avoided, and supplements including minerals need to be taken because crops are grown is soils depleted of minerals. Tap water should be purified.

Internal cleanses should be performed on a regular or scheduled basis for the prevention of disease, just like taking care of your car. You systems cannot perform healing, remove toxins, or digest your food if the systems are plugged up. More details are provided in the links below.

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