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Herbal Cancer Cures: The human and plant kingdoms are intimately connected; for every disease there is a cure provided by plants.  Find some of them here.


In the mid nineteen twenties, Rene Caisse was head nurse at the Sisters of Providence Hospital in a northern Ontario town. One of her patients told Caisse a story, that a very old Indian medicine man had told her she had cancer, but he could cure it. The medicine man told her what herbs to use and how to make a tea from them; the formula worked, the cancer was cured. This woman gave Caisse the formula. Caisse became involved with using the herb to treat cancer, and called the formula Essiac (which is Caisse spelled backwards).

Caisse only treated patients with permission of medical men and under their observation, which is how she stayed out of jail. She had living proof of her success, with clinical x-ray and pathological proof of results, after everything known to medical science had failed.

For decades she fought a battle with the medical establishment in an attempt to get her formula recognized and brought out for the benefit of humanity. In the end, she failed; cancer is still said to be incurable. But you, lucky reader, now know about it and can avail yourself of it.

There is controversy about the recipe. There are books that claim to offer the recipe, but these are modified versions of the authenticated one. There is agreement about the herbs though; Essiac is made from burdock root, sweet sorrel herb, slippery elm bark, and turkey rhubarb root.

Rene Caisse's Original Formula, from the book Essiac Essentials, lists the ingredients by weight:

4.25oz/120g burdock root, chopped to size of small peas
2.8oz/80g sheep sorrel, powdered
0.7oz/20g slippery elm, powdered
0.18oz/5g turkey rhubarb powdered

Caution: All herbs should be US organic and not irradiated.

There is an interview with Dr. Glum who tells the story of Charles A. Brusch, a personal physician to the late John F. Kennedy. He said:

Dr. Brusch worked with Rene Caisse from 1959 until 1962. He worked with thousands of cancer patients. Dr. Brusch presented his findings after ten years of research. In his own words, "Essiac is a cure for cancer, period! All studies done at laboratories in the United States and Canada support this conclusion." Whereupon the federal government issued a gag order on this information! [cite]

Why does it work? One website noted that this formula kills parasites, which is consistent with Hulda Clark's findings that parasites are the cause of cancer.

I have had personal experience with Essica; it is consumed as a good tasting mild tea, and I found it to be effective, making it my first choice.

AbsolutelyThePurest.com - Flor-Essence Tea, liquid
Flora has put together a formulation handed down from Dr. Brusch, a partner in research with Rene Caisse.  It contains the basic ingredients of Essiac plus a few others.  People report favorable results.  17 oz liquid.

AbsolutelyThePurest.com - Flor-Essence Tea, herbal packets
Same as above, but in herbal packets; make your own tea, it's cheaper.

Bulk formula, the least expensive way to go.

Pau D'Arco
Tea made from the bark of this tree grown in South America seems to have miraculous healing powers, and not just for cancer but for other diseases as well, without side effects. It has been the primary treatment for cancer by medical practitioners in South America for many decades.

You must exercise extraordinary care in your purchase, and buy only when you have ascertained the expertise of the manufacturer if you want results. Your best results will likely be obtained from manufacturers specializing in this herb.

You can find a lot of information including the history, testimonials, suppliers, and preparation here.

Ellagic Acid
The following website has a four-product approach that appears to be successful against cancer: First, Ellagic Insurance Formula, which contains Graviola (described below), and among other things, nutrients high in ellagic acid, and appears to be strong on antioxidants. For detailed information, click here. Second, Coral calcium which is an alkalizing mineral. I show in Prevention And Cause of Cancer that an acid diet is the cause of cancer, and restoring alkaline minerals is necessary for prevention, so calcium looks like a legitimate part of their protocol. Third, PhytoBioForte Super, provides enzymes needed by every chemical process in our body. This is a good idea if you destroy the nutrition of your food by cooking; enzyme supplements will save your body the energy it would have to spend to create enzymes. And fourth, Liquid Essentials, a complete vitamin and mineral liquid supplement, liquid for high absorbability.

For scientific research on ellagic acid, see here and here.

HopeForCancer.com - Ellagic Insurance Formula products
I think you will be inspired and excited when you visit them.

Parasite Cleanse
Hulda Clark, in her book The Cure for All Cancers: Including over 100 Case Histories of Persons Cured, claimed that cancer was the result of parasites. The parasites would emit a substance that would cause cells to multiply uncontrollably. The substance emitted by the parasites can alter the pH, which is consistent with the theory that cancer is the result of pH imbalance. By killing the parasites you would remove the cause of the cancer. Read inspiring testimonials. Also, these parasites are competing with your body for food. If they get hungry, they will make you feel hungry and compel you to eat. The cleanse she suggests is composed of three herbs: Black walnut, cloves, and wormwood.  I would not depend on a parasite cleanse as a cancer cure, but would do it in addition to a chosen cure(s). See the parasite section in Cleanses and Detoxification.

Graviola is 10,000 times stronger in killing colon cancer than Adriamycin, a commonly used chemotherapeutic drug. But Graviola selectively targets cancer cells leaving healthy cells untouched. Read a brief description here.

Find a technical report for Graviola on this page.

AbsolutelyThePurest.com - Graviola
Get your Graviola here.

Amazon.com - Graviola
Or here.

AbsolutelyThePurest.com - N-TENSE
This is a combination of graviola and 7 other immune boosting herbs; available here.

Amazon.com - N-Tense
Or here.

The book World Without Cancer: The Story of Vitamin B17 by Mr. Griffin, marshals the evidence that cancer is a deficiency disease like scurvy or pellagra aggravated by the lack of an essential food compound in modem mans diet. That substance is vitamin B17. In its purified form developed for cancer therapy, it is known as Laetrile.

This product appears to be illegal in the U.S., but you can obtain it from outside sources. A quick search of the internet found this source. It also appears that Laetrile requires a prescription and should always be used under the guidance of a medical professional.

The Budwig Diet
Dr. Johanna Budwig showed that by consuming omega-3 oils and sulfur containing amino acids, cancer could be prevented or cured. The omega-3 oils can be obtained from fish oil especially cod liver oil, but due to the possible contamination of fish, she recommends taking flax oil. And the sulfur containing amino acids can be obtained from yogurt or cottage cheese, protein that makes the oil water soluble. The protein and oil need to be blended in a mixer, otherwise it won't work properly. Use 2 tablespoons of flax oil, and enough cottage cheese to cover it. Read about it in her book Flax Oil As a True Aid Against Arthritis Heart Infarction Cancer and Other Diseases (3rd Edition) Flax Oil As a True Aid Against Arthritis Heart Infarction Cancer and Other Diseases (3rd Edition) the reviews are interesting. You can get her cookbook with over 500 meal possibilities using oils: The Oil Protein Diet Cookbook, which may be a better choice than the first one because it explains in more detail how her diet works. To learn about the proper use of oils and how to buy them so they are not rancid, check out Hidden-Diabetes-Cures.com.

Dr. Budwig's theory is based on the research of Nobel prize winner Dr. Szent Gyorgy who showed that essential fatty acids need sulfur containing amino acids to carry oxygen to the cell, and Nobel prize winner Dr. Warburg who showed that cancer cannot grow where oxygen is present in high enough concentrations. You can find Budwig diet guidelines here.

Sodium Dichloroacetate (DCA)
DCA is a small simple molecule that cannot be patented, so no medical company will research its effectiveness. It only affects cancer cells but leaves the good cells intact. It was discovered by Cardiologist Evangelos D. Michelakis to reactivate the mitochondria in cancerous cells enabling them to function properly again. DCA caused tumor mass to shrink 70% in just 3 weeks. It was effective in several types of cancer. DCA has been used safely for decades to treat other diseases affecting cell mitochondria.

Amazon.com - DCA
Get your DCA here.

Protandim is a proprietary formulation consisting of five herbs: Milk Thistle Extract (Seed), Bacopa Extract (Aerial Part), Ashwagandha (Root), Green Tea Extract (Leaf), and Turmeric Extract (Rhizome). The synergy of these herbs produces a result that is 18 times the effect of each individual herb combined. Protandim combats oxidative stress which is an inevitable part of living, and is the only supplement clinically proven to reduce oxidative stress in humans by an average of 40 percent in 30 days. Protandim up-regulates survival genes that enable cells to survive in the face of stress from free radicals and other oxidants, and down-regulate other genes that promote inflammation and fibrosis to help the body function at an optimal level.

Start your research with a 10-minute ABC health report. See a 4-minute update. See an excellent 46-minute report on the history of the science. The product is marketed via multi-level; you can get it here. You can get the product free is you become a Preferred Customer, and then enroll friends as Preferred Customers. For every bottle they buy, you get a $10 discount. Or, become a distributor and make a part time, full time, or big time income. A product that stops aging in terms of oxidative stress, and attacks the root of numerous diseases is unique, making it a good business opportunity.

You can find peer reviewed papers at Pubmed; search for "protandim". For those related to cancer, search for "protandim cancer". One study and another study showed the effect of consuming Protandim on reducing skin cancer.  A third study showed the topical effect of Protandim on reducing skin cancer. Some of the statements gleaned from these papers: "Our results suggest that suppression of p53 and induction of MnSOD may play an important role in the tumor suppressive activity of Protandim." "Pathway analysis of results shows significant modulation by Protandim of pathways involving not only antioxidant enzymes, but of those related to colon cancer, cardiovascular disease, and Alzheimer disease." "Overall, induction of antioxidant enzymes by Protandim may serve as a practical and potent approach for cancer prevention."

Symptoms are your body's way of telling you something is wrong. Try to avoid suppressing symptoms with drugs (whether over the counter or prescription) unless the symptoms make you unfunctional. Correct the problem and the symptoms will disappear.

Most drugs are derived from herbs. They remove the active ingredients from the herb and repackage it into a pill. This removes the intelligence, but leaves behind the wisdom. No wonder that drugs have such side effects. Why do we pay drug manufacturers to do this?



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