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A Colon Polyp is a growth that develops in the colon. It may appear like a wart when small, and as it grows may appear as a small ball that sticks out on a stalk from the lining of the colon. It can be the size of a pea, or larger than a plum. Colon Polyps are usually benign, but they can develop into cancer with time.


Usually there are no symptoms, but sometimes colon polyps can bleed without any pain, and the blood may or may not be visible from the rectum; the bleeding can cause anemia. You may notice blood in the tissue or underwear after a bowel movement. Constipation or diarrhea for over a week may be a symptom. There may be blood in the stool, which may look black, or it can show up as red streaks.

Colon polyps develop much more frequently in industrialized nations. Diets low in fruit, vegetables, and vegetable protein and roughage is associated with a higher incidence of colon polyps. Persons smoking more than 20 cigarettes a day have 2-1/2 times the likelihood of polyps than non-smokers. Persons who consume alcohol are more likely to get polyps.

Colon cancer begins as a polyp and may grow into a tumor if left untreated. See the links below.

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