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Hulda Clark has a theory that cancer is caused by parasites whose emissions cause normal cells to multiply out of control, and by purging the parasites you can cure cancer. She offers herbal and electromedicine approaches.  But Hulda Clark only had part of the story.


Professor Vincent of France charted the biological terrain of thousands of people, and found that cancer can only occur in certain terrains. And many researchers have shown that cancer is caused by microbes (see Prevention and Cause of Cancer). What Hulda Clark may not have realized is that these parasites are actually symbiotic microbes that become parasitic when the terrain turns bad. Purging the parasites will often effect a cure and thus her success, but it doesn't address the underlying terrain responsible for creating the parasites.

Cancer is caused by an overly acid diet that turns symbiotic organisms into parasites.  Prevention is as simple as maintaining an alkaline diet.

Medical doctors do not know what causes cancer or how to prevent it.  They try to detect it in its early stage, but damage can be done by then.

Hulda Clark gave us the theory that parasites are the cause of all cancers.  Complete your understanding with a study of professor Vincent's Biological Terrain; see the links below.

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