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Oral Cancer Symptoms are described below.  If you have oral cancer symptoms, there are suppressed herbal cures from Alternative Medicine that include graviola, ellagic acid, and essiac, and electromedicine therapies from Lakhovsky, Rife, and Beck.  Cancer occurs when symbiotic organisms change into parasites due to consuming an over-acid diet; you can avoid cancer by eating an alkaline diet.


Oral cancer is cancer that occurs in the tongue, lips, and other parts of the mouth.

Oral Cancer Symptoms
In the early stages of oral cancer, you may not experience any symptoms. The following symptoms may be due to other diseases and not cancer.  Symptoms can include:

• A lump in the mouth, on the lip, in the throat, or on the tongue
Sores in the mouth that do not heal
• A red or white patch in the mouth somewhere

A sore throat that won't go away
• Pain, numbness, or bleeding in some part of the mouth
• Difficulty or pain in swallowing or chewing
• Swollen jaw
• Pain in the ear
• Hoarse voice, or voice otherwise changes
• Loss of teeth

Medical doctors do not know what causes cancer or how to prevent it, but they hope to detect its early stages. Protect your family by learning the cause of cancer and how to prevent it, instead of watching for symptoms. If you have oral cancer, consider natural herbal and electromedicine cancer cures. See the links below.

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