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Small Cell Lung Cancer Symptoms are given below.  If you think you have symptoms of small cell lung cancer, don't despair.  Graviola, ellagic acid, and essiac, are natural herbs shown to be effective against cancer, and there are effective therapies from electromedicine to consider, such as Beck, Rife, and Lakhovsky devices.  Cancer will occur from an overly acid diet which causes symbiotic organisms to become parasitic.  Cancer can be prevented by eating a mostly alkaline diet.


There are two types of Lung Cancer: small cell lung cancer, and non small cell lung cancer.  Small cell cancer is very aggressive, with a median of survival of only two to four months after diagnosis. There are three types of small cell lung cancer, and these are designated by how they look under a microscope and the kind of cells involved:

Small cell carcinoma (oat cell)

Mixed small cell carcinoma / large cell carcinoma

Combined small cell carcinoma

Small Cell Lung Cancer Symptoms
These symptoms may be caused by diseases other than lung cancer.  When small cell lung cancer first develops, there may be no symptoms at all. 

Chest pain that will not go away

A cough that will not go away

Shortness of breath


Swelling of the face and neck

Coughing up of blood


Loss of appetite

Weight loss


Medical doctors look for lumps and tumors as a means of early detection, but they offer no means of prevention, and damage may already be done. You will stop fearing cancer when you learn its true cause and how to prevent it. After 100 years of research, scientists have found the solution, but it has been suppressed. See the links below.

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