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An alkaline diet is the means for prevention of cancer, and is necessary for maintaining good health. Whatever your ailment, this issue needs to be addressed.


Professor Vincent of France charted the human biological terrain in the 1920s by measuring the pH, rH2, and conductivity of urine, saliva, and blood. He correlated these nine parameters with cancer; if your blood's pH crossed one line on his chart, you would have cancer; if it went further and crossed another line, the cancer was irreversible. Your terrain determines whether you will have cancer, and terrain is determined mainly by your diet.

It is difficult to measure these nine parameters at home, but fortunately it is easy to measure the pH of your urine using common test paper, and this indicator alone is sufficient to monitor your level of acidity or alkalinity.

According to Vincent, cancer occurs when the pH of the blood becomes too alkaline. At the same time, the urine will become too acidic. They move in opposite directions. When the urine is too acidic, it means the diet is too acidic and the body is trying to dump out excess acid. Beware of systems that suggest you take an average of urine pH over a period of days. pH is a logarithmic scale, and you mathematically cannot take an average of log values; it is nonsense.

According to Vincent, the proper pH of  urine is 6.8; of blood is 7.1, and of saliva is 6.5. These values for a normal human being have not been charted since the time of Vincent, who used athletes in excellent health and condition. It is felt that with the pollution of today, it would be not be possible to know what population represented normal health. Some believe that normal urine pH should be between 6.0 and 6.4. As you monitor your pH, you may note large pH swings on a day to day basis, so if your urine pH is usually between 6.0 and 7.0 you will be ok. If it goes below 6.0, take corrective action with your diet.

To maintain your urine at the proper pH, you should consume an alkaline diet consisting or 80% alkaline reacting and 20% acid reacting foods. For more details on biological terrain, on how to measure your pH, and what foods to eat, see the links below:

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