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Small Cell Cancer is a form of lung cancer distinguished from Non-Small Cell Cancer. Small cell can grow and spread more rapidly than non-small cell, and is more responsive to radiation and chemotherapy. This site suggests you consider natural alternative medicine cures before considering the cut, poison, and burn approaches of surgery, chemotherapy, and radiation.


Lung cancer is a malignant tumor in the lungs. There are many different types of lung cancer, but most can be categorized into the two forms of Small Cell Cancer, and Non-Small Cell Cancer. You can see pictures here.

Small Cell Cancer is again sub-divided into two classifications: "Limited Stage" is confined to the chest, and "Extensive Stage" has spread outside the chest. The usual staging classifications I to IV do not generally apply for small cell.

This site does not make a distinction between what part of the body the cancer is located in, and suggests that there is only one cause of cancer resulting from a mismanaged biological terrain. See the links below for an explanation.

Natural herbal remedies include essiac, ellagic acid, and graviola, and electromedicine therapies include Rife, Beck, and Lakhovsky devices.

Todays medicine does not know what causes cancer or how to to prevent it, but Alternative Medicine explains that cancer is caused by symbiotic organisms that become parasitic when the diet becomes too acidic.
Once you know the cause of cancer, you can prevent it by monitoring urine pH and regulating your diet. It's as easy as that.

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