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The Stages of Cancer are defined by  the American Joint Committee on Cancer (AJCC), and are different for each type of cancer.


The stages of the cancer have to do with the size of the tumor, its location, and its degree of penetration into surrounding areas. Its definition is dependent on the particular type of cancer, but in general, the stages follow this scheme:

Stage I: The cancer is strictly confined to the organ of origin.

Stage II: The cancer has spread, but is still in a localized area.

Stage III: The cancer has penetrated deeper, but is still in one piece and has not spread.

Stage IV: The cancer has spread to other areas of the body.

A more extended system uses the letters T, N, and M to describe the tumor's size, the involvement of lymph nodes, and the degree of metastasis respectively. For example, a T1-N1-M0 would describe a T1 tumor size with N1 lymph node involvement, and no metastasis (no spreading to other parts of the body). A detailed description of this system can be found here.

This site is not concerned with how cancer is classified, or its position in the body. All cancer has a common cause found in the biological terrain charted by Professor Vincent of France in the 1920s. Cancer is caused by symbiotic organisms that become parasitic when the diet becomes too acidic. It can be prevented with an alkaline diet.

If you have cancer, Alternative Medicine offers herbal cures which include essiac, ellagic acid, and graviola, and electromedicine offers devices from Rife, Beck, and Lakhovsky.

Today's modern science does not know the cause of cancer or how to prevent it, but Alternative Medicine does. Once you know the cause of cancer, you can prevent it by monitoring urine pH and regulating your diet. It's as easy as that.

If you have cancer, it would be more prudent to treat the cause of cancer rather than the symptoms, and with knowledge of the cause, you can remove fear by taking steps to prevent it's recurrence. Be sure to click the following:

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