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Symptoms of Lung Cancer are given below. If you think you have symptoms, don't give up. Consider the herbal cures graviola, ellagic acid, and essiac, and electromedicine cures such as Beck, Rife, and Lakhovsky devices, which have worked for some and may work for you. Cancer is the result of an overly acid diet which turns symbiotic organisms into parasites. It can be prevented by monitoring and maintaining an alkaline diet.


Lung Cancer, or bronchogenic carcinoma, causes about 10% of all deaths in the US, and 40% of all deaths caused by cancer. It is most common in men and those over 40 years of age. Cigarette smoking is the highest risk factor for lung cancer. Less common ones include asbestos and pollution inhalation.

Symptoms of Lung Cancer
These symptoms may be caused by diseases other than lung cancer. When it first develops, there may be no symptoms at all. One fourth of all people with lung cancer have no symptoms at all, and it is discovered when a chest x-ray is done, or for other reasons.

The other three fourths develop the following lung cancer symptoms which include:
• A cough most of the time or change in a cough you had a long time.
• Shortness of breath.
• Wheezing
• Chest pain
• Coughing up of blood.
• Ache or pain when breathing or coughing.
• Loss of appetite.
• Weight loss.
• Pneumonia
• Weakness
• Fatigue

Symptoms associated with a more advanced stage of lung cancer include:
• Chills
• Changes in speech
• Hoarseness
• Difficulty in speaking
• Difficulty in swallowing
• Clubbing of finger nails
• Pale or bluish skin
• Muscle contractions
• Muscle atrophy
• Joint pain or swelling
• Facial swelling or paralysis caused by blockage of a blood vessel from the head.
• Swelling in the neck caused by enlarged lymph nodes
• Drooping eyelids
• Tenderness or pain in bones
• Breast development in men

If a tumor presses against or damages a nerve that runs from the neck to the side of the face, that side could have symptoms of drooping or weakness in one eyelid, a small pupil in that eye, or loss of sweating on that side of the face.

Lung cancer cells can produce hormones that can get into the blood stream and cause strange symptoms, including pins or needles, or numbness in the fingers or toes, muscle weakness, drowsiness, weakness, dizziness or confusion, breast swelling in men, thrombosis (blood clotting). These symptoms, while possible, are rare.

You can see pictures of lung cancer here.

Modern medicine looks for lumps and tumors as a means of early detection, but it offers no means of prevention, and damage may already be done. The links above left will provide you the cause of cancer, the knowledge to prevent it, and natural cures that don't involve the cut, poison, and burn of surgery, chemotherapy, and radiation.

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