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Testicular Cancer Symptoms are described below.  If you have testicular cancer symptoms, there are alternatives to the cut-and-burn approach of modern medicine.  These include several herbal remedies such as essiac, ellagic acid, and graviola, and several from electromedicine including Rife, Beck, and Lakhovsky devices.  Cancer is caused by symbiotic organisms that turn into parasites when the diet becomes too acidic, and can be prevented with an alkaline pH diet.


Testicular cancer is a type of cancer that occurs in men in the testes.  These are located in the scrotum, the loose sack of skin hanging below the penis.  The purpose of each testicle is to produce sperm.  Deaths due to testicular cancer represent about 1% of total cancer deaths, but testicular cancer is the most common form in men aged 15 to 35.

Testicular Cancer Symptoms
The following symptoms may be the result of other diseases, and may not be cancer.  Reported symptoms include:

A lump, swelling, or some irregularity on one testicle.
• Pain or discomfort in the scrotum or testicle; this may come and go.
• Enlargement or tenderness of tissue in the breast area.
• A dull ache in the area of the groin or lower abdomen.
• A pulling sensation or feeling of heaviness in the scrotum.
• There may be a sudden collection of fluid in the scrotum.

Professor Vincent of France charted the human biological terrain in the 1920s, and correlated terrain with the onset of cancer. A normal terrain cannot get cancer, and a debased terrain cannot avoid it. Terrain is mainly dependent on diet. You can prevent testicular cancer by monitoring urine pH and maintaining an alkaline diet. It's as easy as that. A detailed explanation is found in the links below.

Biological Terrain Chart

Medical doctors cannot explain the cause of cancer and they can't prevent it, but try to detect it early.  Why watch for symptoms when you can learn the cause of cancer and prevent it? If you have testicular cancer symptoms, Alternative medicine offers herbal and electromedicine cancer cures; see the links below.

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