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Terminal Cancer? There still may be hope. Rene Caisse only worked with terminally ill patients whom regular doctors have given up on, and she had great success with essiac. Every disease has a cure provided by Nature as long as the body has not been damaged beyond repair.


Alternative Medicine offers several herbal remedies including essiac, graviola, and ellagic acid; and several electromedicine therapies from Rife, Beck, and Lakhovsky. They all have a history of success and suppression. If a cure for cancer was let out, the $billions spent on research would disappear; who would want that?

If you have been pronounced terminally ill by conventional medical doctors, you have nothing to lose by trying some Alternative Medicine approaches.

Because doctors do not understand the cause of cancer or how to prevent it, their failure in your case does not necessarily mean that you can't be cured. It just means that their approach to treatment did not get to the source of the problem. Alternative medicine explains the cause of cancer to be the result of symbiotic organisms that become parasitic when the diet is too acidic, and can be prevented with an alkaline diet.

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