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For Ovarian Cancer Treatment, this site promotes Alternate Medicine instead of the cut, poison, and burn approach of surgery, chemotherapy, and radiation. Natural herbal cures include ellagic acid, graviola, and essiac. Plus there are electromedicine therapies from Lakhovsky, Beck, and Rife.


Conventional Ovarian Cancer Treatment involves the use of surgery, chemotherapy, or radiation.

Your doctor should perform a pelvic (including rectovaginal) examination, a CA-125 blood test, and a transvaginal ultrasound.  These three tests together will provide you with any evidence of ovarian cancer.

Surgery generally includes debulking the cancer tumor (since debulking is associated with a better survival rate), hysterectomy, removal of the uterus, fallopian tubes, and both ovaries, removal of the fatty tissue covering the bowels, and removal of lymph nodes as needed.

Most ovarian cancer is diagnosed at a late stage, and other treatment such as chemotherapy or radiotherapy will be required.

Chemotherapy uses drugs to destroy cancer cells, but unfortunately they also destroy normal cells and produce unpleasant side effects.

Radiotherapy (also known as radiation therapy) is not often used because most ovarian cancer is late stage and has spread to other parts of the abdominal cavity, and radiation required to destroy tumors may damage organs. Radiation is an option is the tumor is localized.

Ovarian cancer has long been called "The Silent Killer", because it usually isn't discovered until its advanced stages. 70-75% of the time the cancer has spread to other parts of the abdomen before it is detected. However, alternative medicine has been very effective even with terminal patients, and should be considered first because it is gentle; review the links on the above left.

Medical Doctors cannot prevent cancer and cannot explain its cause. What they suggest as prevention is in reality early detection, and you risk damage before it is detected. Cancer is due to symbiotic organisms that become parasitic due to an overly acid diet, and can be prevented with an alkaline dite. To learn more about the cause of ovarian cancer, the means of prevention, and natural remedies if you get it, see the links below.

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