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Lung Cancer Statistics give an average based on large numbers of people; they do not predict what will happen to you. Because lung cancer is usually detected at a late stage, the chances of survival are statistically bleak. You can improve your chances by resorting to Alternative Medicine.


Your chances of survival from lung cancer are based on the type of lung cancer, and the stage it is in. Overall for all types and stages, only about 20% are alive after one year, and only 6% are alive after five years from the time of diagnosis.

This website promotes natural gentle approaches to heal cancer, which may be a better first step then the cut, poison, and burn approach of surgery, chemotherapy, and radiation, and may give better results. Alternative Medicine provides herbal cures such as essiac, elligac acid, and graviola; and electromedicine therapies include Rife Lakhovsky, and Beck devices.

As an example of how Alternative Medicine might improve your chances, Rene Caisse, a Canadian nurse in the early 1900s, used her essiac formula on terminally ill cancer patients that doctors had given up on and sent to her. She had such great success that the doctors claimed that the patients must not have had cancer, that they were misdiagnosed.

Essiac, and the other remedies promoted on this website, have a history of success and suppression. They worked for many and might work for you.

This site is not concerned with where in the body cancer occurs, because all cancers have the same origin in ones biological terrain as charted by Professor Vincent of France in the 1920s. He correlated biological terrain with the onset of cancer. A healthy terrain cannot get cancer, while a debased terrain cannot avoid it. Terrain is mainly due to ones diet.

Biological Terrain Chart
Professor Vincent's Biological Terrain Chart

Today's medicine does not know the cause of cancer or the means to prevent it, but Alternative Medicine explains cancer to be caused by symbiotic organisms that become parasitic when you consume a too-acid diet. Once you know the cause of cancer, you can prevent it, or a recurrence, by monitoring urine pH and consuming an alkaline anti-cancer diet. It's as easy as that.

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