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Different Types of Cancer: The name of the cancer depends on the part of the body that is affected. In the list of cancers below, they all have the word cancer in common. The view taken by this website is that there are not 50 different types of cancer. Whatever part is affected, the cause is the same, even though of course symptoms will be different. Cancer occurs when symbiotic organisms turn parasitic due to the diet becoming too acidic. Professor Vincent of France showed that cancer is prevented by maintaining an alkaline pH diet.


What is Cancer
Cells of the body normally reproduce in a controlled way, but when the cells divide and grow in an uncontrolled way, a lump known as a tumor is formed on the affected part. If the cells are capable of invading other parts of the body, it is said to be malignant, otherwise it is said to be benign. Here are many of the different types of cancer:

Adrenocortical cancer
Anal cancer
Basal Cell cancer
Bladder cancer
Bone cancer
Bowel cancer
Brain cancer
Breast cancer
Cervical cancer
Colon cancer
Colorectal cancer
Endocrine cancer
Endometrial cancer
Esophagus cancer
Eye cancer
Gastric cancer
Gynaecological cancer
Head cancer
Heart cancer
Kidney cancer
Laryngeal cancer
Lip cancer
Liver cancer
Lung cancer
Lymphatic cancer
Mouth cancer
Neck cancer
Oral cancer
Ovarian cancer
Pancreatic cancer
Pituitary cancer
Prostate (or prostrate) cancer
Rectal cancer
Skin cancer
Spinal cancer
Stomach cancer
Testicular cancer
Throat cancer
Thymus cancer
Thyroid cancer
Tongue cancer
Tonsil cancer
Uterine cancer
Vaginal cancer

Modern science is not capable of preventing cancer because it does not know the cause; and prevention is really early detection by watching for symptoms. Wouldn't you rather not worry about getting cancer by knowing the cause and how to prevent it? See the links below.

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